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South Africa based Zimbabweans blast Mugabe


THE MDC-T South Africa province yesterday lashed out at President Robert Mugabe over his remarks that most of the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora were doing menial jobs and were content with buying bicycles and blankets.


The party’s provincial spokesperson in that country, Kumbirai Muchemwa, said Mugabe must know that all the Zimbabwean immigrants in other countries were frustrated by his misrule which had destroyed the economy. “Mugabe’s remarks on the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora should leave anyone who was forced to leave the country due to his misrule thoroughly livid,” he said. “Mugabe questions why people left Zimbabwe and suggests that people left for no other reason other than just to see England.” Addressing his supporters in Mutare, Mugabe questioned what Zimbabweans had achieved during their time outside the country.

He said most of them come back home to die and have coffins procured for them back in the country, saying they were unwanted in England where they lived in small houses. “How can a man who caused almost a quarter of the population of his country to leave and look for better opportunities elsewhere ask why they left? What cheek is that?” Muchemwa quipped. “He reduces his campaign rallies to history lessons and platforms to insult anything that moves because that is all he can talk about.” MDC-T Matabeleland South youth spokesperson, Buletshi Nyathi said Mugabe’s comments were in bad taste. “We are not amused by Mugabe’s comments,” he said.

“Thousands of youths from the province are in South Africa largely as a result of Mugabe’s bad governance.” Nyathi said youths were seeking better opportunities in the neighbouring countries that were not there in Zimbabwe. “The youths are not in South Africa willingly.

They have been pushed out of their country by Mugabe,” he said.

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