HomeNewsLIVE UPDATES: Zanu PF rally in Bulawayo, July 27.

LIVE UPDATES: Zanu PF rally in Bulawayo, July 27.


Southern Eye gives you live updates of Zanu PF rally in Bulawayo

14:50 Grace says Mugabe does not lie.

14;39 This is the best meeting I have held in Bulawayo for a very long long time, ngiyalibonga – Mugabe

14:23 Mugabe works the crowd into a frenzy with anti-gay rhetoric, saying even donkeys can distinguish between male and female

14:15 People cannot be left to choose homosexuality, there is no choice, men must marry women- Mugabe

14:10 Mugabe says he never asked for Obama’s support, so he will not accept aid with homosexuality as a precondition

14:08 Mugabe has a go at Desmond Tutu over homosexuality, saying he cannot interpret the Bible well

14:04 Mugabe says Tsvangirai is always crying

13:59 Mugabe says Tony blair was behind the formation of the MDC

13:39 We will never collapse, we have resources that we can always tap – Mugabe

13:38 I want to pay tribute to our women, their capacity to adapt when there’s a hard situation – Mugabe

13:34 Mugabe now giving a run down of companies that received government assistance, Dunlop, Merlin and National Blankets

13:30 Banks must not charge interest rates that are unreasonable, that are impossible – Mugabe

13:26 Our policy is not just to create employment, but to create employers as well – Mugabe

13:20 Mugabe works the crowd into a frenzy, saying he will clear all debts residents owe to councils

13:19 “They want you to pay rent, but the people have no money, they are not working,” – Mugabe

13:10 Resorting to Ndebele, Mugabe accuses MDC-T councils of stealing money and lining their pockets “You chose thieves, corrupt characters”

13:00 A woman has just fainted at the Mugabe rally

12:54 Imperialism must go, neo-colonialism must go – Mugabe

12:50 We aren’t like Tsvangirai, they don’t look at the situation facing the people, they never talk of anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism- Mugabe

12:44 We offended the good work our revolutionaries did, when in 2008 we allowed the student of the enemy to have power, we voted wrongly – Mugabe

12:40 Mugabe now speaking of the history of Bulawayo, “a history that we can never forget”

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