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Baba Jukwa fears for his life


SHADOWY Facebook character Baba Jukwa says he is considering seeking asylum, as security agents are closing in on him.

Staff Reporter

Baba Jukwa’s Facebook page has been a source of information for what others think are deep intelligence reports, however, some of his posts have been off the mark.

“Yes, they (President Robert Mugabe and his henchmen) are trying everyday with the help of China, Pakistan and Taiwan, but they will fail dismally, as I have planned everything and put everything in place for more than 100 people to take over the page should anything happen to me,” he is quoted saying on a Wikileaks forum.

“I also urged them to recruit more people when I happen to be in trouble and I only told my lawyer that if anything happens he gives passwords to my pal, who will take over so this is now tradition. It is passed from one to another. So getting me won’t silence me, but you will be passing on the baton.”

Jukwa said he had not sought asylum yet, although he would go to any country that accepted him.

“As of now I haven’t (applied for asylum), but I know they are on my tail. If any country would want to offer me that status, it will be welcome because operating from that country will make me operate freely without interference or disturbances,” he added.

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