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Moyo spells out agenda for Byo


BULAWAYO Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi-Moyo yesterday said the main objective following her appointment last month is to see the city prosper within the five-year tenure in office.


In an interview with Southern Eye Moyo said she would want all Bulawayo residents to know that by prosperity, she means equality, equity and development.

“I’m still new in this office and still finding my feet, but my overall goal is to see this city prosper, taking care of the youth, improving the status of women and having a strong industrial base like before,” she said.

Asked to comment on her plans for the empowerment of women in Bulawayo, Moyo said she has to first consult the women within the different sectors in the city and find out what challenges they are facing along with their requirements.

She added that, women we were an integral part of society and economy and therefore, must be part and parcel of the political field.

She said at the moment there were few women in the country holding political power and that was unsustainable.

“Everything in the country comes through politics. Politics carries power and that power has always been with men,” she said. “It is important for women to take it seriously and participate, not as voters only, but as champions.”

Moyo said she was going to work hand in hand with the Women’s Affairs and Gender minister Oppah Muchinguri to get programmes that accommodate women.

In line with the high rate of unemployment in the city, Moyo said everyone must look into the issue of lack of jobs. She said the issue of dollarisation of the economy that started six years
ago had seen the industries collapsing.

She added that the city could not grow when industries were down and her ministry will work together with the people to revitalise companies.

Moyo also said something must be done on the number of buildings around Bulawayo that have been unoccupied for many years.

“It is not satisfactory to have a town turned into a ghost town. Why are owners not leasing them out?” she said.

Moyo said she would liaise with Bulawayo City Council and other stakeholders so that they come up with a solution to the problem of buildings left vacant for too long.

Asked to comment on how she would work with a council that is dominated by members of the opposition MDC-T, Moyo , a Zanu PF politiburo member, said an opposition party is not an enemy, it simply has a different view of articulating issues.

“I am personally sure that as Bulawayo, we will take those tags away when talking about the
|development of the city,” she said.

“As long as we respect each other’s mandates and as people, we will work well.

“It is only us that will make the people of Bulawayo work towards a developing and prosperous Bulawayo.”

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