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Mpilo Hospital is everyone’s priority


WHEN a person is born, it is mainly at healthcare centre and so is their exit to the next world.

The importance of a hospital such as Mpilo Central Hospital can never be overemphasised.

One time or another we have seen family members being nursed of different ailments at any hospital and Mpilo is one such.

The worst we can do is just to leave such entities to desolation.

In reality our health is our wealth as some have said.

Mpilo Hospital has been bruised and battered by the socioeconomic meltdown that has hit our country for some years now.

However, positive strides are being taken to rehabilitate the institution.

Mpilo built in 1957, is the largest hospital in southern Zimbabwe and has referral patients coming from the Bulawayo Metropolitan province, the Midlands, Matabeleland North, Masvingo and Matabeleland South provinces.

More efforts have been channelled towards the recapitalisation of Mpilo and more still needs to be done.

Mpilo chief executive officer Lawrence Mantiziba pointed out recently that concerted efforts have been made which have seen different corporates, churches, charities, communication groups and non-governmental organisations playing a part in the initiative.

On Friday, Mpilo would host a dinner as part of fundraising for the hospital.

The dinner will be graced by business magnate Raji Modi of Bellevue Spar who would be the guest of honour.

Modi donated an ambulance to Mpilo some few years back.

This year’s fundraising theme is: “Be a Friend of Mpilo, Save Life”.

The dinner will be at the Holiday Inn and is expected to attract over 400 people.

An individual entry will be $60. All proceeds will go towards the rehabilitation of theatres, laundry and elevators.

Cash pledges for 2012 and 2013 have amounted to $35 000.

In 2013, Mpilo has had activities such as the fundraising dinner held on June 7 2013 at Rainbow Towers, Harare, and another fundraising Golf Tournament organised by Belvedere Medical Centre on October 4 at Chapman Golf Club- Harare.

Most organisations have contributed in cash and kind and more are requested to come in and adopt wards, buy blankets, sheets, drugs and install new surgical machinery.

The Mpilo strategic plan for 2013 to 2017 is very responsive and in alignment with the UN Millennium goals as it seeks to:

  •  To improve quality of healthcare
  •   To attract, retain and improve workforce performance
  •   To improve research, training and development and partnerships to build capacity.
  • To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of health services through the use of information communication technologies.
  •   To improve infrastructure and availability, functionality and downtime of equipment
  •   To improve the mobilisation of resources
  •   To improve local and national brand recognition and reputation for highest standard healthcare delivery.

With that big strategy in mind, Mpilo came up with a resource mobilisation strategy in 2012 so as to rebrand itself, involve communities, to raise awareness of the needs of the institute and to mobilise resources to capacitate the hospital.

This has paid dividends and has attracted a wide array of responses from the corporate sector and the community.

Mantiziba, the visionary, seems to be on a serious revival path for Mpilo, as a lot has transpired after taking over as the chief executive in September last year.

He holds a PhD in Hospital Management.

As he personally explained, his vision is to “oversee the revival of Mpilo Hospital to its former glory and move it towards being a centre of excellence in healthcare provision”.

Currently, the hospital is engaged in customercare training, grooming and etiquette services from the top level workers up to the lowest employee.

This will help in improving service delivery when the employees are capacitated with client relationship management skills.

As the chief executive officer clarified, the hospital could soon turn into a state-of-the-art institute if more organisations and individuals landed their support.

It takes deliberate and determined efforts from us together to build a healthy future!

 Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and motivational speaker.

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