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MPs dismiss Chinotimba


BULAWAYO MPs yesterday dismissed Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba’s attack on them as a non-event saying the self-styled commander-in-chief of farm invasions should be simply ignored as he lacked seriousness.


Chinotimba told a mob that gathered around him at Tredgold Building in Bulawayo on Monday after attending a case in which he was a complainant that Bulawayo MPs were not united and only went to Parliament to insult fellow legislators.

Playing to the gallery, Chinotimba said Bulawayo had no MPs and asked city residents to invite him to be their representative in the National Assembly in the next elections.

However, Bulawayo Central MP Dorcas Sibanda said the former security guard should not be taken seriously.

“We have never taken him seriously because he has never been serious in his life,” Sibanda said.

“Instead, he and his party should concentrate on fulfilling what they promised the electorate. What has his party done for the past 33 years for the people of Bulawayo – nothing!

“So what would he offer to the people now?

“If he is serious, he should support our causes in Parliament because we have serious issues we raise about Bulawayo.”

Thabitha Khumalo, MP for Bulawayo East whom Chinotimba said only spoke about prostitution in Parliament, said the Zanu PF legislator had exposed himself as shallow.

“It’s sad that he said that,” she said.

“When I spoke on the issue of prostitution, my debate was on the basis of how we can combat HIV and Aids in relation to a political declaration made by Sadc on zero discrimination and universal access to anti-retroviral treatment.

“This is what I contributed.”

MDC-T provincial chairperson and Makokoba MP Godern Moyo said he could not respond to what Chinotimba said, but would only comment on serious issues affecting the country.

“I can’t be seen responding to Chinotimba,” he said.

“If it were serious issues which affect our people and the country, I could have commented.

“I can’t battle with Chinotimba.”

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