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Telecel introduces sms bundles promotion


TELECEL ZIMBABWE has introduced a new promotion that will allow prepaid subscribers to purchase short message service (sms) bundles that cut the cost of sending local text messages considerably.

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There are three bundles to choose from. A bundle of 25 text messages, which is valid for one day, costs 20 cents. A $1 bundle allows the subscriber to send 250 smses over a period of seven days.

The three-dollar bundle enables the subscriber to send 400 messages over a period of 30 days.

The bigger the bundle purchased, the lower the cost per sms. The promotion will run until December 31.

“For those who enjoy sending text messages, the savings realised from purchasing any of the Telecel sms bundles are significant,” Telecel marketing director Octivius Kahiya said.

“For instance 20 cents would, at the normal standard rate of nine cents per text message, only allow one to send two smses. However, a 20 cents sms bundle would allow one to send 25 text messages.

“A dollar would, at the standard rate, be enough for 11 text messages. A one dollar sms bundle would allow one to send 250 text messages,” he said.

The biggest saving is with the three-dollar bundle. The standard rate would allow 33 text messages to be sent for three dollars. The three dollar sms bundle allows 400 messages to be sent.

It is valid for 30 days.

To purchase an sms bundle subscribers dial *404#. This will open the sms bundles menu from where the subscriber can select the bundle to be purchased.

The cost of the bundle is deducted from the subscriber’s airtime balance. Only one bundle can be purchased at a time.

The smses purchased within a bundle are for both on-net and off-net use. This means subscribers will be able to send bundle messages to any mobile phone number in Zimbabwe. International smses will be charged at normal peak and off-peak rates.

Kahiya explained that the introduction of sms bundles promotion was the first of a number of promotions intended to give subscribers added value for money during the forthcoming festive season.

“The sms bundles promotion is one of various festive promotions that subscribers will be able to enjoy during the holiday season.

“The rise of smartphones has increased the effectiveness of text messaging by creating a more streamlined path from the message to the online environment,” Kahiya said, adding that, despite new forms of messaging, the smsremained a relevant and useful means of communication.

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