Samukeliso Moyo challenges Naaz


VETERAN long-distance runner Samukeliso Moyo has challenged the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe (Naaz) to develop a junior policy saying that future athletes in the country were lacking motivation.


Moyo urged the mother body to seriously consider the issue saying if not looked in to, the problem would affect the sport in the near future.

“Young athletes should be promoted. It is the mandate of the association to promote junior policy for the good of the sport.

“The future of Zimbabwean athletics lies in the hands of junior athletes, but if they are not promoted then who will lift up the sport in the coming years? We are growing old and as we retire who would come next?” Moyo said.

She said the association should desist from the tendencies of erecting barriers to school leavers. In most competitions, junior athletes register through schools and clubs which in itself acts as a barrier for athletes who would have dropped out of school at tender ages due to certain circumstances.

“As far as I am concerned there is no improvement in terms of junior policy. Only school athletes take part in competitions and what about those young athletes who are not at school?

“I think something needs to be done so that even those who are not at school can have equal opportunities with those at school,” she added.

The 40-year-old veteran was part of the top athletes who withdrew from taking part in the inaugural Masiyephambili marathon last month.


  1. It is encouraging to see veteran athletes looking into the future. Samu benefited from a system that would wholly fund the development of juniors, but now the young athletes have to pay for everything including the national squad kit!

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