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Zim needs change: Ncube


MDC president Welshman Ncube has urged Zimbabweans to remain positive that a better future is still possible despite a plethora of challenges besetting the country.

Staff Reporter

In a Christmas message, Ncube who appeared to be taking a back seat after his party suffered a moral sapping defeat in the July 31 elections, admitted the outcome had been devastating for the MDC.

“But 2013 was also a year in which as a party we lost an election after we gave it our all,” he said.

“We have emerged from this election battered and bruised, but still standing and more determined than ever to fight for a prosperous and free Zimbabwe.”

Ncube added: “It is in light of this that we hope for a better tomorrow, for a rebirth of all the values and virtues that separate us as a people from the rest of the world; a tomorrow where justice and fairness are practiced as enshrined in the new constitution; a tomorrow where every Zimbabwean can stand up tall and proudly declare that they belong to this great country.”

This year, the holiday spirit in Zimbabwe has been dampened by company closures, job loses and cash shortages.

“This Christmas is undoubtedly being celebrated amid high levels of anxiety,” the MDC leader said.

“The country is currently enveloped by a cloud of economic uncertainty which raises fearful memories of that dreadful period of 2008 that was only halted by the negotiated global political agreement where our party made many sacrifices for the good of our nation and its people.

“Despite this reality, we urge all Zimbabweans as we celebrate this Christmas, to hold onto the hope that a better tomorrow will come.

He said the period affords Zimbabweans the opportunity to reflect on the year that was 2013, “its good and bad moments”.

“We once again get the chance to lament the passing on of comrades, family and friends who did not make it to the end of 2013,” he said.

“While memories of some of these deaths open up wounds that have not yet healed, the Christmas season is a season of hope and we hope for healing.

“Together as a country, we concluded the writing and adoption of a new Constitution. It is moments like these which signify the greatness we can achieve as a nation if we unite and work together peacefully.”

He said Zimbabwe needs to to see an end to selective sharing of wealth and to see a transformation of the economy and general well-being of its people for the better.

“We need a change. The people of Zimbabwe deserve change,” Ncube said.

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