A fan’s take of the Kalawa show


KALAWA homecoming festival attracted a record crowd with hundreds of people flocking to Queens Sports Club. As expected from the hype generated from undoubtedly excellent marketing, the attendance records were off the charts! It was not a sell-out crowd, but a good crowd nonetheless.


Bulawayo Socialites

Big-up to the organisers for a very efficient and ordered system by the entrance, security was first class; one could enter and exit the venue hustle free.

However, the efficiency and order did not carry on in the inside.


Catering was a disaster! Getting a drink was a dauntingly frustrating task. As if the fact that the bar was not fully stocked wasn’t frustrating enough, when buying a drink you had to queue twice. First you had to queue to buy a coupon from two sell points which were manned by two mathematically challenged people.

After getting the coupon you had to take it to the bar where you had to literally fight with everyone to exchange your coupon for a beverage of your choice. Catering really left a whole lot to be desired, with food and beverages running out.

There was no variety of food and drinks and people were made to compromise and consume sub-standard stuff at ridiculous prices.

You would expect better events management from Kalawa Jazmee and at $15 that should have been a guarantee.

The ablution facilities were a nightmare as men ended up using the female loo with some yanking out their willys willy nilly to piss on the floor with the security staring at their junk maybe should I say admiring.

On to the performances: Zinhle is the queen of house, whoever disputes that should go to hell! She rocked, her set was impressive, I overheard some chauvinist praising her saying: “uZinhle udlale njengendoda”. She was good.


Heavy K was on fire while Professor dished out the same old act he has always performed when he comes to Zimbabwe. His songs were good and his stage presence unrivalled, but he needs to be more varied and not predictable like South African elections.

Character dished out a satisfactory performance.Thebe gave a horrid performance as did the local outfit Seqamabhilidi famed 3 Kings who were more of clowns on stage.


The rubbery Dr Malinga kept everyone dancing and in stiches at the same time with his funny acrobatic dance moves, he is a boss on stage. The songstress Berita staged an amazing performance too as did the other Kalawa chikitas.


Candy had the crowd singing along to Tsa Mandebele and Nokwazi and Busiswa rocked the crowd as well. When it comes to who stole the show I’m sure everyone will agree that Uhuru are guilty. Those guys were on fire! They performed most of the songs from their Our father album, but the one which had Queens roaring was Y tjukutja.


Uhuru’s performance was the highlight of the show. I will not say much about the god father of SA house and kwaito Oskido, he played a hip-hop set, much to the disappointment of everyone.


Overall, the show was okay, if it was not for the pathetic catering we would have given it a five-star rating. We hope the organisers will take note of those blunders and not repeat the same mistake next year.

On to the next, the final event of 2013 “#Woza2014TightParty” featuring Dj Ganyane, same venue, way cheaper though, $5 all night (talk about organisers with a conscience). See you there!

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Pictures by B . Dube