You are not alone!


MANY times we recruit people we think will be our best business leaders, only to realise a few weeks later, that these promising people were simply time wasters.

This devastating experience can dash your hopes of ever building a solid business. At times you will be so heartbroken to the extent of quitting the business and retiring forever to your previous life.

It is more painful particularly if you are new in the multi-level marketing (MLM) profession.

Unfortunately, this is the “ugly beast” of network marketing that devours our hopes of ever succeeding in this industry.

I would love to share with you my personal experience regarding sponsoring the wrong calibré of people in my primary opportunity.

Three years ago, before adopting the attraction marketing system which literally attracts high quality of prospect (people) to me, I sponsored a certain guy — let me just call him Robert — into my business opportunity.

I strongly believed that this man was indeed a blessing to my team, judging from the verbal statements he used to say about his sphere of influence because he was a high profile sales manager of a prominent insurance company.

So, anyone including yourself could possibly believe that this guy was going to be a priceless asset in the business.

I gave Robert all the support he needed to run his business. I did not only dedicate my time, effort and my material resources to Robert, but I had also emotionally and psychologically attached my success in MLM to the expected business success Robert was going to obviously score in a few months to come.

In other words, I had mistakenly forgotten the usually MLM saying that: “In network marketing don’t bank your success on anyone but squarely on yourself.”

During the first month in the business, Robert performed exceedingly well, but come second month he started not to attend meetings and he was not even returning my phone calls — the list goes on.

The reason, perhaps, for the sudden change of behaviour could be that he joined the business thinking it was a get-rich-quick scheme, but suddenly met the harsh realities of running a business and decided to quit!

There is a lot of guesswork we can make pertaining to why people turn from being shining stars into shooting stars and disappear forever soon after joining the business.

Precisely, those are some of the challenges we meet when we sponsor the wrong people into the business.

What could be done to recruit the right kind of people into your MLM business?

There are so many answers that can be given to this question.

So I advise you to create your own qualification criteria based on the reasons why people join network marketing, then use your assessment criteria to interview your prospects so as to establishment whether they qualify to work with you or not.

You have to separate the wheat from the chaff through interviewing prospects (people) directly or by phone to rule out who has the genuine desire to run this type of business.

Trust me.

If you probe your prospects through asking them questions which are relevant to the sponsoring process, you will definitely connect with their mental conversations and establish their true feelings and perceptions about the business opportunity you are offering them.

Listening is huge!

So during the interview process, spend 20% of your time asking questions relevant to why the prospect wants to join the business opportunity. And spend 80% of your time listening and “digesting” the responses given by your prospect.

This will help you ascertain whether the prospect is serious about the business opportunity or not.

The process of interviewing prospects before signing them into your business opportunity positions you as a serious business leader never to be taken for granted, as what normally happens to other MLM folks who time and again are taken for a ride by the prospects because they display a “begging mindset” during the sponsoring process.

Remember, No one wants to be sponsored by a desperate person!

Moreover, do not show excitement when a prospect indicates that he or she is interested in your business opportunity because your excitement might give an impression that you are a needy person or you have a poverty mindset, leading the prospect to think that you need him or her more than he or she needs you, yet it should be an opposite scenario.
After the interview, qualify or disqualify the prospect!

Enjoy your day!

 Nqobile Tshuma is a published author of three network marketing books.