Obama bars Mugabe


PRESIDENT Barack Obama will invite 47 leaders to a landmark United States-Africa summit in August, but President Robert Mugabe is among those excluded because of their “poor” democratic credentials.

The US president is seeking to improve US trade, development and security ties with an increasingly dynamic continent to which he traces part of his ancestry.

Obama will send out invites to all African nations that are currently in good standing with the US or are not suspended from the African Union — meaning there will be no place for states like Egypt or Zimbabwe.

He will hold the talks on August 6 seeking to cement progress from his trip to Africa last year.

A White House statement said the trip would “advance the administration’s focus on trade and investment in Africa and highlight the US’s commitment to Africa’s security, its democratic development and its people”.

The idea for the summit, which takes place with Washington increasingly aware of China’s attempt to enhance its diplomatic profile in Africa, was first announced by Obama in a speech in Cape Town in June.

Egypt, which has caused the Obama administration to thread a foreign policy needle with an erstwhile ally after a military takeover, is not eligible to attend as it is currently suspended from the African Union.

The United States maintains sanctions against Mugabe and key officials over suppression of democracy and what Washington sees as politically-motivated violence.

Other notable exclusions on the invite list include Sudan and Madagascar. One notable inclusion is Kenya, where President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently awaiting a delayed trial at the International Criminal Court on charges related to violence after an election in 2007 that left 1 000 people dead.

The indictment has been one of the reasons why Obama is yet to visit the homeland of his late father as president.

Meanwhile, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba yesterday said he was not surprised by the snub.

“If the summit is about US and Africa then maybe the US president would need to be reminded that Zimbabwe and Egypt are in Africa and of Africa,” he said.

“His decision not to invite those countries can only get people to realise that it’s not about US and Africa, it’s about US and certain African countries.

“You want to know that the African Growth and Opportunity Act came and went without Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe remains. The world is larger than America. So we are not bothered.

“In any case it would have been very cynical of an American President presiding over runners of sanctions against Zimbabwe to invite its president for dinner.”

– Agencies/NewsDay


  1. Yes George as long as a dictator is armed against the unarmed civilians he will not bother. You do not bother that over 5 million Zimbabweans out of a population of 13 million live outside the country. The bulk of these in neighboring countries with Johannesburg alone housing above 3 million. Bothering about human life outside or beyond the central force of repression in the person of the Zanupf president to you is not necessary. That is why even your brother Muchechetere openly said that he did not care about whatever you say. Nobody really cares or bothers.
    Zimbabweans should be complaining and pointing out that Obama’s mission has nothing to do with the plight of the African people who are perishing in high seas going to Europe where they are treated as a nuisance. As a people we have reason to bother about this exclusion because it is sending a wrong message to the African leadership telling them that there is a “friendship” while those African leaders who are considered not to tore the line are not qualified. Apart from giving Africans a few left overs, Africans do not get much really as their leaders are always expected to “tore the line”. Frankly if I were a President of an African country I would turn down some of these meetings as a protest although truly speaking I would be bothered.

  2. Obama is right in that he wants to perpetuate a lie against Zimbabwe, its president and its people. He aptly knows that the best way of doing that is to denigrate his”enemy” a platform or right to self defence. America can not handle Zimbabwe as it pleases, the Americans are pretty aware that the country is no banana republic hence it has to be handled with caution. Secondly Obama fears Mugabe’s hold on African politics and his Chinese or look east policy/ influence too. Therefore at this stage uncle Sam would be safe with a devide and rule policy on Africa, thereby temporarily hold back Mugabe’s influence on his peers.

    Let us rewind a little bit to Mandela funeral, the American president was cheered by the crowd in the same manner as our President and commander in chief of the defence forces. That alone was suppose to be reason enough for the American president to accept the African view on president Mugabe which he must grudgingly believe. Africa believes and loves Mugabe and period.

    It is neither here nor there that America leaves out Mugabe to a tea club. In fact it is Obama who will miss out on wise counsel from Africa’s oldest and most intelligent sons.

    Cde Mugabe never shall you lose sleep, America feels challenged by your policy positions and your influence on the continent and beyond.

    We salute our president, no retreat no surrender.


  3. Yaaah pari bit trick apa because you gona say you dont mind today that is if you are shallow minded.You cannot say that whilst you are using their currency.no student will go above his teacher. In fact ZANU PF as a part and its leader deserve that because like Charamba is saying they are worried about being expelled from the summit that will crank the business community that will create employment and develop the nation.

  4. haiwa ini nditori kudzidza zve chi British wani? and i have ACCA video lectures too 0772 104 011…and i wanted to go to that summit too

  5. To hell with you Obama, we will not worship you, go and hang. Mugabe is representing the interests of blacks.
    Go and hang obama

  6. it is not a problem to invite Zim or not to invite Zim…America uses it’s economicpower to make African states submissive I’m against leaders like zuma who have no voice…their Decisions are influenced by the west….it’s not that Zimbabwe is economically on point now but as a people we are not less important than other people…if it is like that obama yes we choose communism… you say America is democratic well it doesn’t make any sense because you say our president is undemocratic yet you the democratic ones are imposing sanctions on 14 million people…10 or more people suffering…you Americans you are just as bad….

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