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We’ll shame false prophets: MDC-T


THE MDC T is here to stay and will shame “false” prophets who have said the party will never rule Zimbabwe, Gorden Moyo, the party’s Bulawayo provincial chairman said on Saturday.


The MDC-T is trying to regroup after last year’s crushing defeat to Zanu PF and party leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said he is not going anywhere despite increasing calls for him to step down.

Moyo told delegates attending a National Youth Development Trust-organised conflict transformation conference held at a local hotel
that the MDC-T was the only party that could bring “honey” to Zimbabweans.

“We also know there are people that have written us off as MDC. We could shame them,” he said.

“We will shame the prophets who have said that we will never rule this country.

“They are just false prophets. The MDC is here to stay and will get into power whether other political parties and prophets like it or not,” Moyo told delegates at the conference.

The conference was held under the theme “Setting Priorities for the Proposed National Peace and Reconciliation Commission”.

Zanu PF failed to send its representative to the conference, according to the organisers.

Moyo also bemoaned what he termed a deliberate attempt to re-write the nation’s history by belittling or overshadowing the role played by the Zipra, Zapu’s armed military wing during the literation war.

The former Parastatals minister also complained over attempts to bury the Gukurahundi massacres by ensuring that nothing is said about them on State radios and television.

“If you listen, radio and TV is all about the history of one man and one party. There is nothing about Zipra or Gukurahundi.

“These are the same people who have taken everything for themselves in this country,” he said.

Zapu has also raised similar complaints with party members saying there is need to rewrite the history books.

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