MDC youth leader resigns


MDC Bulawayo provincial secretary for media, information and publicity Khumbulani Malinga has resigned charging that the party is opposed to democratic principles that it purports to represent.


Malinga’s resignation follows that of several senior MDC members who quit the Welshman Ncube-led party citing different reasons.

In his resignation letter Malinga cited the unresolved issue of the inclusion of the party’s secretary-general Priscilla Musihairabwi-Mushonga under the women’s quota in Matabeleland South as one of the shortcomings that precipitated his resignation.

“The failure of the leadership of the party to address the Matabeleland South issue has tarnished the image of the party and the failure of the leadership to stamp its authority on the matter has not helped the movement,” Malinga wrote.

“The firing of cadrés with dissenting voices has destroyed the spirit of healthy debate within the movement. The most appalling happenings are that the cadrés are tried, convicted and sentenced in their absence. The movement that seeks to democratically bring change has itself become undemocratic.”

Malinga also took a swipe at the party’s leadership for taking a political sabbatical after the elections saying the silence had weakened the MDC.

“In light of these issues, among others that I have not highlighted because of space and time, I declare myself uncomfortable and unfit to hold any official position in the ‘green movement’,” he said.

MDC national youth secretary-general Discent Collins Bajila confirmed Malinga’s resignation in a Facebook post.