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Documentary Circle opens at Indaba Book Café


ALLIANCE Française dé Bulawayo and the British Council have lined up a fun-filled programme at The Indaba Book Café with three classy documentaries running until tomorrow.


Titled the Documentary Circle, the show kicked off yesterday evening (Thursday) with guests at The Indaba Book Café being shown The Banker of the Humble which lasted an hour.

Set in Bangladesh, top economist M Yunus decides to stick his neck out and lend to the poor without economic or political prejudice.

This leads to his creation of the first micro-credit bank, Grameen Bank. The principle is simple: give the poorest and especially women access to capital to finance their business activities.

There results an amazing silent revolution that changes millions of lives by totally reinventing the relationship between banker and customer. This documentary offers a message of hope: maybe poverty doesn’t have to be inevitable.

  • Today at 5:45pm guests are in for another treat as the cafe would screen — Divorce Iranian Style. The documentary runs for 1 hour 15 minutes.

This film centres on three cases — Jamileh, who tells the judge that her husband mistreats her. Sixteen-year-old Ziba’s husband is a good man, but she wants to be free to resume her studies, something she cannot do if she is married.

Maryam wants a new husband because she claims her current husband cannot provide her with a child.

Despite the fact that Islamic law contains strict, daunting guidelines for marital break-ups, Judge Deldar proves himself to be fair and even liberal in regards to making decisions for the unhappy couples.

  • At lunch time on Saturday (tomorrow) the café would screen Autopsy of a Succession for an hour.

The sudden death of President Eyadema on February 5 2005, triggered a severe social and political crisis in Togo.

Driven by emotions and fear, the country’s leading forces decided to enforce hasty constitutional changes meant to ensure his succession.

These political mistakes, made jointly by the armed forces, the Parliament, the government and the leaders of radical opposition parties, had terrible consequences on the Togolese population’s daily lives.

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