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Telecel helps rally support for Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims


Telecel Zimbabwe is encouraging its customers to help the Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims. It has provided a short code to make it easy for subscribers to donate money to assist them.

The company has been sending a bulk text message to clients advising them that they can donate to the Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims by sending the word “Tokwe” to short code number 100.

“Send ‘Tokwe’ to 100. SMS will cost 10c. All proceeds to be donated towards the Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims. ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’. Acts 20:35,” the message being sent to customers says.

Telecel communications and branding director Obert Mandimika explained that Telecel was giving its customers an easy means of providing assistance to the flood victims, in line with its corporate social responsibility initiatives to support communities.

The company would itself be donating commodities such as sugar, salt, mealie-meal, rice and cooking oil to help the flood victims, he said.

“By providing a short code that our customers can use to donate 10 cents to the flood victims, we are making it easy for them to do something to help those who have been affected by the floods.

“I’m sure everyone can afford to donate 10 cents. Those who would like to donate more can do so by using the short code as many times as they wish,” he said.

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