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Tsholotsho flood victims must not be forgotten


THE government’s plea for donors to help the victims of the Tokwe-Mukosi floods has been receiving an overwhelming response from the international community and local corporates.

It is gratifying to note that donors have been forthcoming at a time when the world is facing an economic crisis.

The majority of Zimbabwe’s companies are struggling for survival yet they have found it necessary to donate to the flood victims in Masvingo Province. According to a list released by the Civil Protection Unit (CPU) early this week the donations include blankets (51 570), maize meal (19 tonnes), flour (116kg), matemba (7,4 tonnes), cooking oil (514 litres) and mealie-meal (416 tonnes).

There have been cash donations with the United States giving as much as $750 000. However, as we reported yesterday, the government drive to source donations for flood victims has somehow neglected other equally affected areas such as Tsholotsho.

The CPU director Madzudzo Pawadyira had no figures for donations that have gone towards Tsholotsho and referred questions to the provincial structure where officials have not been forthcoming with information.

Granted, the Tokwe-Mukosi floods were declared a national disaster enabling the government to marshall resources to alleviate the suffering of the victims, this does not mean other affected communities in the country have to suffer. The local leadership has been silent about the plight of the people of Tsholotsho, some left homeless and without food.

Villagers who spoke to Southern Eye said government officials only visited the area to assess the damage weeks ago and there has been no response to the disaster. It is the duty of the government officials in the province to raise awareness for donors to respond.

Matabeleland has a number of companies that can spare something for the flood victims and there is need to convince them of the serious need to intervene in Tsholotsho.

Just last year, there were a number of prominent politicians that dished out food handouts in the run-up to the July elections and this is the time for them to show their gesture was not just motivated by the desire to be voted into office.

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