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Tsvangirai, a farce of democratic struggle


WHILE the MDC-T has in the past tried (in vain of course) to portray its president Morgan Tsvangirai as the symbol of surplus of all good that the Zimbabweans will ever want, the man himself has throughout his life put all his energy to show to all who care to know that he is more of all that should not be done or expected from any normal person hoping to be voted to lead the country.

The spineless and shameless praise singers in the MDC-T while demonising those that want to see Tsvangirai relinquish power, have once again gone to town to tell everybody who has ears that he is the face of the democratic struggle not only God chosen, but also the only one who can stand against President Robert Mugabe as he possesses unparalled courage, that he is democratic, that he has undying love for the people of Zimbabwe, that he has support of the grassroots among other lies.

While these sycophants think they can fool everyone, one thing they don’t realise is that the people have been watching and this time around they can’t be fooled any more, the assault and the suspension of Elton Mangoma merely for a democratic expression of calling for a Tsvangirai to step down has not only revealed the truth about Tsvangirai’s undemocratic nature, but how closer he is to all that stands against democracy.

Dear reader, I am fully persuaded that Tsvangirai is not the face of the struggle, if anything he is the farce of the democratic struggle. Tsvangirai has in letter and in spirit trampled most of the democratic tenets as agreed in the formations of what was to be a glorious movement, those that have differed with him have been labelled rebels, and they have suffered violence and expulsions from the party that is supposed to celebrate such diversity.

I thus submit that one can’t be the face of fighting for something that he is totally against in that spirit there is a difference like that of day and night between what Tsvangirai believes in and what democracy is all about. In any religion more so in Christianity that Tsvangirai claims follows is, it is a common standard that if there is serious challenge that seeks to scuttle one’s God chosen path, a firm believer will choose to fast on the needs of the flesh to get closer to God.

In 2008 when the MDC-T supporters’ lives and the entire MDC-T was in danger with the likes of Tendai Biti in incarceration, the MDC-T leader chose to satisfy his sexual desire in some far away oceans in expensive yachts, sipping the most expensive wines money could buy, yet this was a most painful moment when the people of Zimbabwe expected him to provide leadership.

It is on this among other incidences that will require a book to fully list them that I submit that Tsvangirai has no people of Zimbabwe at heart at all because it’s unjustifiable that a leader can go on holiday with God knows how many women while his supporters are being killed and maimed for his party.

Everyone who has been following politics in this country will know that there was time when the rigging allegations seemed so real that all that the people needed was a courageous leader who could inspire them to lead from the front to flood the streets against Zanu PF, Tsvangirai was nowhere to be seen.

Those with a good memory will recall that it was Biti and Arthur Mutambara who were detained on the ground while he had be technically arrested when he was advised to follow to the police station as his cowardice was exposed. This lie that Tsvangirai is brave to confront Mugabe is nothing but a media stunt and his propagandist creation.

I don’t want to burden you with the evidence shown by his conduct in the inclusive government, undemocratic laws he was expected to force their reversal, he failed, his failure to make sure Roy Bennet was sworn in and the failure to make sure that the playing field was levelled before polls shows a that in courage he is nothing, but a nonentity dressed on giant robes.

He just can’t live up to the description. There is no doubt not only in the mind of the writer, but most people that the democratic struggle ship needs a new captain.

Tsvangirai’s failures are so monumental to be mistakes that at the appropriate time when people get a chance to properly analyse and study them, the evidence of treachery will surely not be missed.

Those that are calling him to stay are not doing it for purposes of furthering the democratic struggle, but for their selfish needs which surely point to the collaboration with the enemy as the evidence is abound that Tsvangirai ’s Zanu PF’s preferred opponent.

Gifford Mehluli Sibanda is a villager at Inyati communal lands, Bubi district, Mat North. He writes on his personal capacity.

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