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Step away from the luck syndrome


I HAVE been to public spaces where I feel like I am at a convention of Davids, each engaging in a passionate struggle with their Goliath. In such places, conversations about life issues do not come to an end without discussing how lucky someone was to have escaped from a shocking encounter.

Surely, if you go to saloons, restaurants, coffee shops and other recreational places, you will be struck by the convivial, co-operative atmosphere and the modest way in which people talk about how lucky they were that something they feared would happen did not.

You will notice that this is not rare even in day to day conversations about life issues. Could it be that this luck that people keep on referring to is substantial or even real at all?

Today, my goal is to exorcise that tendency of many, to allow their lives to be ruled by luck, whose source is unknown and whose dependability is questionable.

Of course, I am not disputing the fact that luck exists in the mystical realm such that we cannot feel or see it. Luck has no time or reason and as such, it is based on chance rather than actions. The word luck then exists because we have simply coined a term for when a chance prevails.


Luck could actually be a state of mind than anything else. Let this boggle your mind.

At this juncture, the most important thing is not to know whether luck exists or not, but to focus on the dangers of relying on it for success.

Achieving greatness involves handling a mammoth of tasks that need great strength and endurance.

So this means that you need to have enough courage to work hard rather than to wait upon lady luck to smile at you.

Contrary to what most people would think, luck does not lead to success and success cannot be maintained through luck.

Even an individual who participates in a Lotto jackpot competition has to invest their money in order to participate in the game and hopefully win the jackpot price.

If a person participates in a Lotto draw and wins the jackpot price, does this actually mean that luck led to their success? I would say no because winning a once in a lifetime lottery is just an event. Events are part of life itself. Aren’t they?

I will emphasise that great achievers do not believe in luck, instead, they learn as they go and they develop an attitude of learning and pressing on. As a result, they eventually find themselves exactly where they aimed to be.

There is no correlation between success and luck what so ever. Success comes mostly from one’s ability to achieve his or her goals in his or her lifetime.

Instead, the correlation between success and income could be greater since the accomplishment of natural goals provides a good future.

Some have viewed luck as the simplest and most lawful way to earn enough to consider someone a successful person.

On the contrary, I believe that receiving a good education and finding a good job can render one’s success much better than what luck could do.

The reason why I say so is that receiving an education and making a career are an indication of one’s readiness to work hard, and success without hard work is simply not possible for the vast majority of the world’s population.

Luck is unpredictable, that it why most of us talk about it as either good luck or bad luck, hence it would be foolish to base our success on luck.

It is therefore important for one to be disciplined so as to be at a better position to take advantage of opportunities that are at their disposal.

This minimises the occurrence of failure and disappointments.

Believing in luck puts one into a scenario similar to that of gambling with one’s life.

When you make your life that hard to predict and forecast, it becomes harder to maximise your potential winnings.

Take charge of your life today. Success is not about luck, it is how you utilise harnessed opportunities.

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