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Zimura clamps down on unregistered dancers


ZIMBABWE Music Rights (Zimura) says it is clamping down on musicians and dance groups operating without valid licences from regulation bodies saying they are in violation of certain sections of the Copyright Act.

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Zimura, whose mandate is partly to safeguard the rights of artistes, recently launched an operation codenamed “Operation Produce Authority” targeting musicians and dance groups operating without registration certificates.

Zimura regional boss Clarence Garura said they have been educating nightclubs, bars, sports bars owners and managers about the need to engage licensed dance groups and musicians.

“Musicians are mushrooming everywhere and as Zimura we launched an operation named Operation Produce Authority targeting unlicensed musicians and dance groups,” Garura said.

“The Copyright, Neighbouring Act Chapter 26:05 is very clear on premises that cause public performance of music without the authority of the owner of copyright,” he said.

Garura said apart from unlicensed musicians and dance groups, owners or proprietors of entertainment premises would be equally charged. The operation will run until the end of August 2014.

“We do not want to stifle music growth, but our objective is to make sure that all music users are licensed so that authors and composers of music get royalties from use of their property,” he said.

“Zimbabwe is signatory to the Berne Convention. The Berne Convention is the standard copyright convention. It allows for mutual protection of all copyright works originating in the approximately 120 countries that are signatories.

“In other words, if a work originates in another country that is also a signatory to the Berne Convention, the use of the work in Zimbabwe can be in accordance with the Copyright Law of Zimbabwe regardless of the laws of the country of origin,” he added.

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