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Android users can now remove “last seen” notification on Whatsapp


The guys at WhatsApp have made some changes to the application that will definitely please a lot of users keen on privacy. You can now determine who views your “Last Seen” status, your profile photo as well as your status by adjusting your privacy settings.

For users of Android devices all you have to do is go to your settings tab. You then Select the Account option and under this select the first tab marked Privacy. Under this you will get the list of options of who can see your personal information which includes “Last Seen”, Profile Photo and Status. Selecting any of these will give you options for Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. You can then adjust your settings to suit your preferences.

Users of WhatsApp on Apple devices have always been able to make changes to the “Last Seen” status under the Chat Settings’ Advanced tab.

These updates on the privacy settings are active on the latest version of the WhatsApp (Version 2.11.184) and are definitely a welcome improvement. I’m sure this will bring a sigh of relief to users not comfortable with having to be spotted as active at any given point in time. It looks like now you don’t have to be accused of ignoring someone’s chats. Not having to share your profile photo and your status with users outside your contacts list also adds an element of privacy that should have also been there from the beginning.

Maybe the WhatsApp team is taking cues on user privacy from its new parent company Facebook. Hahaha, what are the chances?

Whatever the case, these updates has definitely brought about welcome changes to the application.


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