Tsvangirai war flares again


HARDLY two days after MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai declared a truce in the party’s internal war over his continued leadership, the Bulawayo provincial executive was rocked by a fresh attempt to push chairman Gorden Moyo out.


Luveve MP Reggie Moyo who is also under fire had his car tyres deflated by suspected MDC-T youths while he attended the stormy provincial meeting at the party’s provincial headquarters in the city centre on Friday evening.

Officials reportedly linked to MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe were allegedly behind the failed vote of no confidence against Moyo, who has come under fire for failing to attend Tsvangirai’s rally in the city a fornight ago.

“There were some members (of the provincial executive) one of them Tsepiso Hellen Mpofu calling for the suspension of Gorden Moyo and Reggie Moyo because they did not attend Tsvangirai’s rally,” a party source said.

“The ploy to pass a vote of no confidence on the two hit a brickwall as other members dismissed the plot.

“It was argued that those calling for the two’s suspension had no basis.”

Ánother party insider said the rift between Khupe and the provincial chairperson Moyo had opened the way for a “third force” that is capitalising on the divisions.

“Some politicians from Harare who have vested interests in the province are now using the rift between Khupe and Moyo to pursue their interests,” the official said.

“ National organising secretary, Nelson Chamisa for example is said to be a third force behind the divisions in the province.

“Some people are now preparing for the party congress and that’s why they are capitalising on the divisions in the province so that they could control the structures.”

Khupe reportedly wants to replace the provincial chairperson with her ally and Bulawayo deputy mayor Gift Banda as the purge on those suspected to be for leadership renewal in the party continues.

Contacted for comment, MP Moyo confirmed the damage on his vehicle.

“Were we at the party meeting where we discussed various things. When I got out just after 8pm, I found my vehicle wheels deflated,” Moyo said.

“Someone used a knife to puncture holes in the wheels.

“One wheel had five holes and another four while the third one was just deflated. I had just bought brand new tyres”

The Luveve legislator said he suspected the attack was the work of rogue elements within the party.

“I suspect that it is the work of rogue elements who want to further the interests of other politicians that are not in line with those of the party,” Moyo said.

MDC-T insiders said during the meeting, a party youth peeped through the window and hurled insults at Moyo.

“It was no surprise that his vehicle was damaged because a youth peeped through the window and started shouting labelling Moyo a traitor and that he should be removed from the province,” a party source said.

Acting MDC-T Bulawayo, chairperson, Dorcas Sibanda yesterday confirmed the holding of a provincial meeting at the party offices.

But she denied ever discussing the suspension of the two saying she would never tolerate any discussion pertaining to individuals as long as she chairs the province.

“We hold such meetings every last week of the month or beginning of every month,” she said.

“The two were not on our agenda. When we call for meetings we outline the agenda of the meeting and the two were not part of our agenda.

“We were discussing developmental issues to see that Bulawayo’s economy gets back on its feet,” Sibanda added.

“We are clear as a province that we are behind president Morgan Tsvangirai 100% so we have no time to waste on individual grudges.

“I will not tolerate such divisions in the province. These are Zanu PF tactics to divide the party.

“We know where the ball is. We are marking Zanu PF, so we will never serve Zanu PF interests by discussing non issues.”

Efforts to get a comment from Chamisa were fruitless as his mobile phone was continuously unavailable. Gorden Moyo’s was also unreachable for comment.

He went on sabbatical just before Tsvangirai’s visit to Bulawayo and would resume his duties as provincial chairperson in June.


  1. Mdc-t people need to be very carefull with thre leaders sometimes coz am failing to understand Khupe, she imposed Gordon Moyo from no where in the structure also Ralph Magunje who was label as a spy came in the part through Khupe and Gift Banda who is sponsering her is a known armed robber in South Africa and in Zim as a fraudester.People open your eyes before its to late

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