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We can redeem the family now


THERE is no doubt the family system is depressed and faced with so many challenges some of which have the capacity to bring about more pain and shame if not dealt with now.

Do we ever stop to think what these so called human rights issues mean to the stability of the family in this generation? They might just appear like politically driven, but the truth is they are spiritual poison to the purpose and stability of the family and this will definitely show in the next 10 to 20 years.

I believe we have to take all these challenges seriously and fight them with some more precise determination and enthusiasm.

Beloved, same-sex marriages, legalisation of prostitution and all other anti-social activities in the name of human rights is a direct attack to the stability and purpose of the family. When the family set up is sick and perverted, the whole society is sick and so is the generation.

Beloved, the current violence in the family and level of poverty in the same are equally dehumanising and agents of destruction against the stability and purpose of the family. The current state of fatherhood in the world is to me the most serious challenge to the whole make-up of the family. I want to dwell on this today.

The purpose of fatherhood is to reflect the Father God heart. It is to reflect the loving, protecting, forgiving, nurturing and giving heart of God as the Father of humanity. Fathers are there to play this role and show their offspring the heart of God.

God is to be first learned in the family and not at church. This is the original purpose of the family. Fatherhood is an important office in God’s plan for humanity.

Today’s fatherhood portrays a devilish heart; a heart of violence, hatred, accusation and murder; a sadistic heart that majors in inflicting pain to those it is supposed to love. This is the saddest state of affairs we are faced with as society.

We desire role models of fatherhood. Instead of protecting the family, most fathers today destroy their families, kill their wives, rape their children and flee responsibility.

This kind of behaviour distorts the image of God in the minds of children who then grow up with a totally wrong perception of God and thus rebel against God. As fathers we have committed serious crimes against humanity and we need to pull ourselves now and make right all the wrongs. It is never too late.

As fathers in any generation, we have a mandate to nurture and groom for God whether we believe in Him or not. We have a mandate to reflect the full character of God because at the end of it all, whether we believe it or not, we are accountable to HIM concerning our offspring. All kinds of excuses we will give shall not hold water.

I am fully convinced that this generation can overcome this challenge if we all gave ourselves into delearning wrong fatherhood concepts and learned the proper foundational ways. We can redeem the family.

How best can we do this?

  • Deliberately decide to reform as a father and seek help, guidance and counsel on how to be the best in such difficult times. No one is too late to change. Change is a choice. Anyone who chooses to change will change and can change.
  • Choose to love and protect our families. The times are hard and evil. We must learn to fight for our families, wives and children, that is if we are normal fathers. We do not fight by killing people. We fight by loving, protecting, providing for them no matter what, training them, forgiving them and encouraging. Beloved, no power beats the power of love. The world is desperate for one thing and that is LOVE. Your children and your family need a bit of your heart more than your piece of mind. If as fathers we could stop for a moment and learn to love, we will overcome. Love does not hold any account of wrong. Love does not seek its own. Love seeks the interest of others first. It defeats selfishness and protects what it loves.
  • Work with our hands and involve our families in our work. Many of us as fathers, have lost our dignity in the economic hardships by doing many stupid things. The Bible teaches that God blesses the work of our hands. Teaching our children to work and value work is one of the best thinks we can give them. A collective and team/family effort will see the family prosper and overcome. Family is team work. We need to be united as family in what we are doing and we will see success even under attacks. Working together will also help us to be accountable one to another.

There are many things we can learn to do as fathers and as families together and see great success. Teach children about these human rights things. Not all of them are human rights but simply anti-Christ doctrines. Fathers are teachers at home. Seek information and team up with home builders and not home destroyers.

 Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counselling consultant and author of Responding to Personal Crisis. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207/ 712 384 841.

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