The adverts that defined Zimbabwean television


Television was always communal in Zimbabwe. In the 80s and 90s family time was defined by watching the country’s two television channels. The stations were worth the eyeballs before political jingles and substandard programming invaded our homes at the turn of the century.

By John Mokwetsi
Video compilation: Cynthia Matonhodze

We have gone as far back as 1988 to bring you some of the moments that remain etched in our memories and make us feel nostalgic.

This is the time when television was communal property that even those who lived next door came to share. These were the days when, as children, peeping through the neighbour’s house windows to catch the glimpse of television action on the black and white was a norm.

Do you remember the Geisha advert with the catch phrase: “Unogeza ugogeza?” Or that advert of the Perfection soap that starred Bonzo of the Tim and Bonzo fame?

To celebrate Zimbabwe’s 34th independence anniversary we travel with you through memory lane to the days when television was a fashion statement and a symbol of wealth but most of all watchable.