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Welshman Ncube’s Independence Day message


Today we celebrate our 34th year of independence, a relatively short period in the history of nations but a great milestone which came at a high cost where thousands of our compatriots made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their lives while others were maimed, arrested and exiled.

Independence Day symbolizes our freedom from colonial oppression and racial subjugation, it brought about the most valuable weapon we have, the right to vote. We need to work collectively as we go forward to tirelessly guarantee and secure this right to vote so that forever we can freely choose those who govern us and to hold the government of the day to account.

We are aware that many of the promises of independence and indeed even the right to vote itself have been severely compromised  and that many of these core values and ideals of our independence, including economic prosperity, better life for all, security of every person, social and economic security remain on the horizon, unfulfilled.

As MDC we remain fully committed to ensuring that not only do we build on our independence but that we remain faithful to our pledge and contract with the people to work honestly, and diligently to secure a better life for all.

Welshman Ncube
President, MDC


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