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Byo far from dead: mayor


BULAWAYO mayor Martin Moyo says it is a myth that the country’s second capital — a fading industrial hub — is dying, saying the city was actively courting new investment while its perennial water problems were easing.

More than 100 companies are estimated to have closed in Bulawayo in the past three years, throwing nearly 20 000 workers into the streets.

The Bulawayo municipality recently suspended stringent water rationing programme — seen as the most detrimental to investment — and was on the rebound economically, Moyo said, citing incentives the city had rolled out to potential investors.

“We have come a long way indeed, surviving through successive droughts and many other severe challenges.

“But we still have it in us to run the race and finish strongly,” Moyo said at a Tuesday reception held for participants at the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair hosted annually by the city.

“So I challenge talk of Bulawayo dying. I believe that we are at a stage where we have gone past the glitches that have impacted negatively on our communities.”

He, however, appealed for financial support from central government, particularly for infrastructure rehabilitation and development, adding that the re-introduction of the public sector investment programme would go a long way in ensuring that Bulawayo survived the economic challenges.

As part of council efforts to lure investors, Bulawayo has opened up expanses of vacant land in various suburbs for development and investment.

Town clerk Middleton Nyoni told delegates that the city was ripe for investment.

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