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Sikhala urges dialogue


FORMER MDC99 leader Job Sikhala, who recently rejoined the main opposition MDC-T, has suggested that the party finds a mediator to bring together the warring factions.


Commenting about the party’s unfolding chaos on his Facebook wall, Sikhala said people would realise that they still needed each other in the long run.

“The internal turbulence in the MDC-T might point to our failures to deal with burning issues in the party in time. When problems emerge people must find a quick way of fixing them, than to allow them to reach the extent of an explosion,” he wrote.

“It seems to me that there was burning anger in the house for a long time, which the party did not take courage to tackle. The level with which the implosion has reached can only be resolved by an independent respected peacemaker from the region or among our respected clergy.

“Let’s not cheat each other; after the anger subsides, we shall all notice that the project we are pursuing needs all of us together. There is no winner in everything that is happening. The major casualty is our struggle,” he added.

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