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Ndux Malax (Jr) follows father’s footsteps


NDUX Malax (Jr) is literally following the footsteps of his late musical father with the release of the latest offering, Khona Sizake Sibone, currently doing well on the market.


The son of Nduna Malaba, aka Ndux Malax, Witness Malaba has dropped a scorcher of an album, his seventh offering.

It is a combination of Ndebele and Kalanga tracks which he calls Ndebele-Kalanga-rumba music.

Ndux told Southern Eye Lifestyle that the six-track album had sold over 5 000 copies to date and was impressed by the sales.

“The sales of the album were good despite rampant piracy. The album is on demand and I have many promoters who now want me on their shows,” he said.

Khona Sizake Sibone was recorded at Kabamba Studios in Bramfontein, South Africa, under the guidance of Delthin Kabamba and was launched at the Safari International Hotel in Hillbrow, SA, in December last year.

Little known Mlambos Express and Vision Nomakanjani were some of the Zimbabwean artistes based in South Africa that shared the stage with Ndux at the launch.

“Khona Sizake Sibone cautions people who delight in the downfall of others. It warns them that their downfall would be greater,” he said.

“The song Ilizwe Leli talks about Zimbabwean heroes; how they should all be acknowledged with no discrimination or partiality,” he added.

Ndux Junior has taken over from where his father left off following his death in the 1990s.

He routinely performs at Johannesburg night clubs. He occasionally visits Plumtree and Kezi were he performs for his countrymen.

The artiste recently staged a show on March 28 with Chase S’kuza, Black Umfolosi and Jeys Marabini at Bulawayo’s White City Stadium organised by 02 Squad promoters.

He is currently working on the video for the album and urged people to expect new dance routines and informative acts.

“This video has unique dance routines that we formed and informative acts. We are currently rehearsing and the dates of the release are yet to be finalised. People should look forward to the video. I have performed these songs in most shows and my fans have shown that they are excited about my latest offering,” he said.

Ndux escaped death by a whisker in December 2012, when he was mobbed by three gangsters who stabbed him in the thigh. The knife broke in two, leaving a blade piece stuck inside him.

He had just performed at the Safari International Hotel in Hillbrow — at the same venue he launched his album last year.

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