Model publicly breaks up with player hubby


BULAWAYO model Dudu Phakathi has taken the unusual step of announcing her break-up with former Highlanders player Bruce Tshuma on social media.


breakupPhakathi and Tshuma were in a rocky relationship characterised by accusations of infidelity.

The beauty queen, a mother of one, last Thursday shared her heartbreak on Facebook where she got a mixed reaction from her friends.
“I think it’s time that you all know the truth about what’s happening,” she wrote on the platform.

“Bruce Tshuma and I are no longer together as a couple. We have separated! He has moved on with his life without me and Kyle. We wish him all the best with his endeavours,” Phakathi posted.

“I have gotten over him, no hard feelings. I’m happy being a single mum to my precious baby boy. We are doing great and life goes on!

“So all those chics (girls) who had/have their eyes on him, now is your chance, go for him yi (he is a) free agent (sic).”

Some of her friends praised her for being bold while others accused her of hanging dirty linen in public.

One of her friends wrote: “Talk of airing dirty laundry . My advice for u sis is ‘keep it quiet and out of social networks and let them wonder’. #stay classy #justathought x (sic).”

But Phakathi fired back saying: “Call it whatever u want hey . . . just remember that it’s my life and situation and I will handle it e best way i see possible! Why shouldn’t people know that we have officially separated?

“How would u feel if everywhere you to you hear people saying this is so and so’s wife . . .(referring to your ex)?? (sic).

“Guys will even fail to approach u because they don’t know where you stand with your ex . . . please stop judging me! (sic)”

Another friend posted: “mmmh really. But you sound bitter (sic).”

Phakathi responded: “How can I be bitter over someone that we separated some time ago, It has been months already and I am the one who called it quits . . .

“Anyway it’s your view and you are allowed to air it.”

In June last year, Tshuma was accused of having an illicit affair with an older woman that he met on Facebook.

Phakathi at the time took to the social networking site to accuse the unnamed woman of being a marriage-wrecker. She lashed out at her husband’s alleged concubine for breaking up her marriage. The couple later reconciled.