Five questions great achievers ask

Questions are nagging because for as long as they linger around us, they demand that we answer them. By so doing, they disturb the mind’s state of equilibrium. On a positive note though, they trigger action towards change.

I am obviously not talking about rhetoric questions that need not be answered. I am referring to questions that when asked, can paint a picture of not only what is going on in your life, but whom you have become vis-a-vis what you want to become.

I will call these visionary questions. I know it sounds strange that I recommend you to spend unperturbed time conversing with yourself and meditating upon your dreams and aspirations. This somewhat weird exercise can be performed in each and every day of an individual with a desire to defy all odds.

Visionary questions allow you to re-equip yourself for the battle you will face in your success pursuit as well as to stay refreshed in such a way that you do not tire up before reaching the stardom you desire to reach. To sum it all up, visionary questions give you the urge to press on.

Today, I decided to reflect on one of the most crucial yet overlooked ways of constantly reminding one’s self of the greatness they need to achieve. Ask yourself the following questions to test whether you are progressing or not:

Am I still following my life plan?
Questioning yourself in this manner assists you to gain true self awareness that leads to self mastery. This question is appropriately asked when seeking to revive oneself, to remind yourself of your past, to reflect on your present state as well as to consider how you would want your future to appear.

Of course, life plans can change. They change due to the varied circumstances that we go through, most of which we might not have had the power over. As time progresses, some plans become null and void because they do not apply to the present situation or the changing times.

Accept change. Use it as a midwife for the birth of new opportunities. Remember that champions are distinguished from the rest owing to their ability to adapt to change.

What does it take for me to reach the highest level I want to reach?
When answered fully, this question equips you with a lot of ideas on the steps you can take towards achieving your goals. It will tell you what you ought to do in order to transform your dreams into reality.

When asked on each and every day of your existence, this question gives you the power to not only talk about your dreams but to act according to them.

Whom can I consult?
This question prompts you to search for the kind of people that you ought to familiarise yourself with and those from whom you need to get advice and lessons from.

Depending on your goals, these include, but are not limited to teachers, success coaches, friends, mentors, business partners and supervisors. These people are crucial as they most probably have gone through what you are yet to go through and are at a better position to show you the way, telling you how best to avoid mistakes.

When is it most crucial to take a step forward?
The timing is crucial as it can detect your pace. Timing can also tell you when and when not to engage in certain activities that impact on your plans. Certain ambitions cannot be fulfilled until a certain time has elapsed. Good timing is as crucial as the idea itself.

What have I done so far that has changed people’s lives?
One of the major aspects of achieving greatness is making a change not only in one’s life, but also in the life of those that surround us. By so doing, it becomes easier for our efforts to be supported hence, opening better channels that we could not have imagined before. Inevitably, it leads to that separation from the rest.

In attempting to answer this question, it is important to consider that achieving greatness is not a one man’s show because one way or the other our actions, be they good or bad, affect those that are close to us.

All of us desire to be great. Being great involves making an impact in the lives of people around us.

It involves being regarded not only as a successful person, but to be awarded the status of a life changer.

All this is possible if you have the desire as well as the oomph to achieve greatness.

 Fortunate Chibike

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