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Byo hip-hop artistes in war of words


UPCOMING local rapper Kabelo Matiwaza, popularly known as K Brizzy, has left tongues wagging after his latest controversial song cast aspersions on the works of local hip-hop group Kasi Lami Art Platform (Klap).

Kabelo Matiwaza, aka K Brizzy, (far left) and hip-hop group Kasi Lami Art Platform (Klap)
Kabelo Matiwaza, aka K Brizzy, (far left) and hip-hop group Kasi Lami Art Platform (Klap)


K Brizzy, who is presently based in Namibia where he is furthering his studies, takes a dig at Klap on his track in which he refers to himself as the best rapper in Bulawayo.

“The main reason I did that track is because of a little too much mouthing off by members of Klap who claim to be the best, apparently they are in charge of It’s Bigger Than Hip-hop show which is supposed to carter for every rapper, but they were turning it into an event mostly about them, and many artistes are upset by this,” he said.

“When the phrase ‘We are the best’, gets, thrown around too much, the people who are really the best get upset and without a doubt I am the best in the city.”

On the song K Brizzy chants: “I am better than you, I don’t compete with you talentless gonorrhoea boys who confused a musical interest with a career choice, the only thing about Its Bigger Than Hip-hop is the poster, in my city I am the best laphana (there is)”.

The self-proclaimed best rapper goes on to diss Klap, using unprintable lyrics.

Bekithemba Sibanda, aka Thorne of Klap said the group did not have time to respond to K Brizzy’s track.

“We have no time for anti-progress people who would love to talk down whatever move made by those who have put their sweat and tears into uplifting Bulawayo,” Thorne said.

“I know people think the quickest way to fame is taking shots at those who have made it. We are where we are because of working hard. If he thinks he will get big that way he needs to go back to the drawing board. We don’t care and not tuned to that frequency and he has to work hard like the rest of us.”

Top Klap producer Polite Sithole, aka P2daoh, didn’t have much to say.

“It’s not worthy replying, that’s being little of him and he has to try harder,” he said.

Klap has labelled K Brizzy an attention seeker, but the young artiste revealed that he did not do it for attention.

“That I am better than them is all is about. They have no grounds to claim they are the best and that’s what I am trying to show them. Whether I did this for attention or fun or simply because I don’t like them, I did it and what we do in the music industry is not for attention,” K Brizzy added.

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