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Cheating on your spouse can reduce weight; good, bad news


THERE is good news for those struggling with obesity or overweight. Bad news is that, unfaithfulness to one’s spouse creates an artificial world for the perpetrator of such infidelity.

According to Graig Johnson, professor of Psychology at Birmingham City University; “engaging in an affair (extra-marital – own emphasis) puts an enormous amount of pressure on an individual. Telling lies, avoiding direct confrontation and sneaking around someone’s back cause a lot of stress”.

Stress can cause a chain of chemical reactions in the body. The production of adrenaline and cortisol, as stress hormones increase.

The heartbeat surges, so does breathing pace, the blood pressure rises and the levels of serotonin increase, resulting in calories being burnt faster than in normal situations.

The cheater’s behaviour changes, owing to the split time, resources and the need to please the so-called small/smell house. Loyalty to spouse and sense of belonging is lost in the course of events.

Time to eat is reduced, including that extra pint in the case of imbibers. This myriad of makeshift attempts to conceal an extra marital relationship takes its toll on the cheating spouse, resulting in weight loss.

Half the number of men and 62% of women interviewed alluded to the fact that cheating men lost 2,7kg, while women lost 10kg. It is common cause that a woman’s infidelity, especially in an African culture, is viewed with scorn more than that of a man, which could explain why cheating women are likely to lose more weight than men. Cheating women risk the ire of the husband and society’s rebuke once an extra-marital affair comes to the fore.

God’s ideal for a marriage relationship is monogamy. One rib was extracted from Adam to create Eve, a help meet or be Adam’s helper.

Later on, as sin permeated the planet, polygamy was introduced and even homosexuality, as evidenced by the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire.

Biblical Job suggests that he made a covenant with his eye, never to lust after a woman. Joseph turned down an offer many men could not afford to resist.

He reminded Potiphar’s wife, the queen, that Potiphar had placed everything under Joseph’s hand, except the Queen because she was the King’s wife.

Both Job and Joseph were very clear in their minds that extra-marital affairs do not only sour relations between people, but are a sin against God.

Cheaters risk contracting diseases, HIV and Aids being the most dreaded. Married couples should not only abstain from extra-marital affairs for fear of diseases, but because, it is the right thing to do.

Equally, the youth need to abstain in order to preserve their manhood and womanhood for that special Mr and Mrs to be, their future spouses.

While human rights activists endeavour to champion such rights, it would be folly to view them as totally independent of other rights.

Every right derives from the Word of God. Any purported right be it human or other that cuts across God’s ideal for humanity is nullity. Coming into mind is God’s intolerance of homosexuality as evidenced by the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

God is so offended by such disorientation that He actually came down to do loco inspection on what was taking place in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Indeed Sodom and Gomorrah’s homosexuals came out in full force intent to sodomise God and His angels. Fortunately, God struck blind those evil doers.

The marriage institution is under severe threat. Men and women of integrity are a scarce commodity. In fact, infidelity is praised as if it was a virtue.

Men and women of conviction are invited to “Come Aboard” and form an association of faithfuls to their marriage vows.

There are “I dos, till death do us part”. Please e-mail your comments to the email address provided

 Moses Tsimukeni Mahlangu is the general-secretary for Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers’ Union.
He is a labour consultant and arbitrator. Feedback: E-mail: mosietshimu@gmail.com

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