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FROM humble beginnings super model Blessing Chishamiso Mukumene is proving to be a household name in Masvingo province and Zimbabwe at large.



The second born in a family of four and raised by a single mother, the 22-year-old beautiful Mukumene — reigning Miss Masvingo and Miss Carnival Zimbabwe’s first princess — revealed that the latest title marked the beginning of another chapter in her life.

“I felt so happy winning and I thank God for such a huge, highly recognised title. It’s the beginning of great things in my life which I had only dreamt of. With this position I am going to represent my country and market our diverse cultures,” Mukumene said.

She has 26 titles under her belt, having started modelling at a tender age while at school in 2000.

“There was a foreign group which came to donate stuff at our school at St Raphel’s in Mhondoro-Ngezi and they held Miss Razzle Dazzle and I entered the contest. Though I did it for fun I won. I grew an interest with it and started to take part in many pageants,” she narrated her journey into modelling.

Not only is she a beauty queen, but a qualified school teacher trained at Morgenster Teacher’s College in Masvingo.

“I am still looking for a school to teach. I last taught at Mutendi Primary School where I was much interested with the orphaned and vulnerable children,” she said.

Her interest in helping the orphaned grew after being crowned Miss Masvingo. She took up social responsibilities by donating foodstuffs clothes and toys among other goods to the orphaned.

“I founded a programme called Masvingo Has Talent — a talent show for the orphaned and vulnerable children. We had the first edition of the show at Morgenster Central Primary School and the funds raised were used to purchase stationery for 71 children at the school,” she said.

Mukumene said she enjoyed contesting for Miss Masvingo and Miss Carnival.

“It was great contesting for Miss Masvingo, I went to different places and dined with important people. I learnt to think of other people first. I gained confidence in everything I did and got an opportunity to speak on behalf of other people who were sometimes of higher rank than me.

“For the carnival there is nothing much yet, I am still trying to fit into the national queen’s shoes and it seems I am going to enjoy every bit of it. I had the platform to be part of the international carnival street party,” she said, adding that the industry was still facing a lot of challenges that hinder progress.

“Sponsorship is not easy to get, no matter how big a project is, the plans may just vanish due to lack of funding.

“Then again we are vulnerable to abuse because of exposure. Many think we are people of loose morals and it becomes a daily duty to be always aware to prove people wrong,” Mukumene added.

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