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Majaivana returns


One of legendary Lovemore Majaivana’s sons has promised to take over the torch from the exiled musician after releasing a six-track album that contains a remix of the all-time hit Umoya Wami.

Dereck Majaivana
Derick Majaivana

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Derrick Sipho Majaivana launched his debut album Uyamemeza in Bulawayo on Friday with promise to take his father’s fans down memory lane.

Uyamemeza is about Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who are toiling to keep their families back home going under trying times.

“The song is about people in the Diaspora and Uyamemeza refers to people who are lonely who constantly need updates about what is happening back home,” Derrick told Southern Eye Lifestyle.

“The six-track album is an attempt to keep my father’s legacy alive. It also includes a remix of Umoya Wami, which is a tribute to my father.”

Majaivana, popularly known as Majeee, is one of Zimbabwe’s unsung heroes whose social commentary through music was second to none.

He relocated to the United States at the height of Zimbabwe’s economic problems, a frustrated man as few people attended his shows or bought his music then.

However, his music is still very popular in the country and at one time nostalgic fans tried to petition him through Facebook urging him to return for shows.

Majaivana never responded to the petition amid reports that he was deeply frustrated by the lack of support back home despite pointers that his music has been popular.

Derrick said besides celebrating his father’s legacy, his album seeks to introduce him as a musician for the future.

“Eventually I would have to come out of my father’s shadow and be a musician of note in my own right,” he said.

“The album contains songs such as Thendele, which is a tribute to Highlanders Football Club.”

Ironically, Majaivana also shot to stardom singing songs that extolled Highlanders, the oldest football team in the country that was formed by King Lobengula’s sons.

Majaivana preferred to call his music Zulu traditional, a genré that has also been adopted by Derrick.

A second launch for Uyamemeza would be made in Harare this week.

Derrick becomes the second Majaivana offspring to take to music after Randal Robinson Majaivana.

Randal is reportedly Majee’s son with an Indian woman Jennifer whom he sang about in the hit song Ikula lami.

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