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‘Byo firms clueless’


BULAWAYO Provincial Affairs minister Eunice Sandi Moyo yesterday blasted the director of quantity surveying in the Local Government, Public Works and National Housing ministry, Mike Dzimati, for saying Bulawayo companies were not clued up to the tendering system Dzimati had told a meeting to update businesspeople and stakeholders on the progress in preparations for the African Union Sports Council Region V Games in Bulawayo yesterday that the city’s companies did not understand the regulations of the tendering process in any sector hence companies from outside Bulawayo secured tenders that should be done by local companies.


Dzimati was giving a presentation on the tendering process for the construction of the youth games venues.

However, Sandi Moyo was not amused by Dzimati’s presentation and accused his ministry of not doing anything to teach Bulawayo companies on tender rules so that they could enjoy a slice of the national economic cake.

“I am disappointed that Dzimati said people from Bulawayo do not know the regulations of the tender process,” she said.

“Who is supposed to teach them about tenders? How come you say they do not know the rules after so many tenders have been flighted?
“Your office has to recognise that Bulawayo is part of Zimbabwe.”

Sandi Moyo called on the Local Government, Public Works and National Housing ministry to organise workshops to teach the Bulawayo community on tender rules.

“People want to be taught and not told that they do not know,” she said.

Ironically Sandi Moyo torched a similar storm recently when she refused to back proposals that locals should be given preference in employment and education opportunities saying she would “. . . support anyone who has the right documents to occupy a vacancy”.

A Bulawayo Progressive Residents’ Association official called on the Local Government, Public Works and National Housing ministry to look into the issue of labour hired for the upgrading of Luveve Stadium.

The Bpra official said the contractor had informed them it would bring its own labour and no Luveve residents were hired.

Sport, Arts and Culture minister Andrew Langa said contractors should ensure that Bulawayo workers were given first preference.

“Make sure that you employ people from Bulawayo for manual work. These games should benefit the people of Bulawayo. There are artisans who can do the job,” Langa said.

He also said he was aware that tenders were awarded to companies from outside Bulawayo.

“I am not happy, but that has been done. Whenever there is an event, Bulawayo people do not take the initiative. I can see people from Kwekwe and Gweru, but a few from Bulawayo. Can we stand up and be counted? It does not make sense that you complain after decisions have been taken,” Langa said.

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