Don’t brag, Mujuru tells politicians

ACTING President Joice Mujuru yesterday said “true servant leaders” were humble and disciplined, and warned politicians against bragging about their war credentials.


Addressing mourners at the burial of national hero, retired Colonel Stanley Sakupwanya in Harare, Mujuru said politicians needed not to brag about their credentials or positions in the party.

“Not once after independence did he ever go to the rooftop to shout about his liberation credentials or his positions in the party.

“Always humble and respectful to the leadership of the party and obedience was his key word,” she said.

“That is the discipline we talk about in Zanu PF. We are the servants of the people and not elected or appointed to be served and this we must always remember.”

Mujuru said the Zanu PF government was working hard to address the economic challenges bedevilling the country.

“The economic gains we are making may not be coming as quickly as some of us wish, but we remain mindful that the interests of the country and that our fellow countrymen and women come first before our own interests,” she said.

“This we must always do because we are unique people governed by a unique culture, discipline, religious and political environment characterised by an unforgettable history.

“I hope our children in the Diaspora do hear this message.

“I hope that they will always know why they are studying abroad, not forgetting that Zimbabwe is always home hence we must all play our part to build our country Zimbabwe.”

President Robert Mugabe who usually officiates at such gatherings did not attend the burial as he was away in Malawi for the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations held yesterday.

Sakupwanya, a medical doctor, was born in Bulawayo in 1939. He studied medicine in the Soviet Union as a member of Zapu.

He resigned from the army in 1983.

Sakupwanya was a senator for Nyanga South until last year, and at the time of his death last week he was a member of the Zanu PF polituburo.

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