Biti camp seizes on Tsvangirai ‘reflections’

The MDC-Renewal team yesterday said former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s admission that his party lost to Zanu PF in last year’s elections all but vindicates its position that he should quit.


Tsvangirai on Monday released a statement titled “personal reflections” where he said MDC-T made a mistake by participating in last year’s elections when it was clear that the polls would be rigged.

The under-fire MDC-T leader said the good attendances at his rallies had given his party a false sense of hope that followers would overwhelm any rigging machinations.

However, the renewal team fronted by “axed” MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti immediately seized on the statement saying Tsvangirai had not “reflected” well enough.

“The irony of Tsvangirai’s reflections is to vindicate the position of the renewal team,” Jacob Mafume, the renewal team spokesperson said yesterday.

“We were right after all. However, it is evident that Tsvangirai has not reflected well enough.

“An objective reflection would have led him to one inescapable conclusion; his resignation from public office.”

Tsvangirai also admitted flirting with various women, claiming the behaviour was a result of emotional devastation from losing his wife Susan in an accident in 2009.

But Mafume said Tsvangirai’s ‘personal reflections’ were a futile attempt by the former premier to rebrand and rehabilitate himself.

“The so-called personal reflections published on the 7th of July 2014 show beyond reasonable doubt, an individual who truly is at the deep end, and must do the right thing and quit public office,” he said.

“It is regrettable, that Tsvangirai now makes the admission that it was wrong to participate in the 2013 election when he moved all and sundry to participate in that election, the very point made by Elton Mangoma in his letter of the 13 of January 2014.”

He said throughout his life, Tsvangirai has had the “incredible capacity for ill and wrong judgment”.

“The decision to participate in the 2013 elections is only a small example of this bad judgment that is in Tsvangirai’s DNA,” Mafume said.

He said the dilemma with the MDC-T was that Tsvangirai had personalised the struggle for political change in the country.

“The question that Tsvangirai must answer is; what is his justification for continuing, under circumstances where he has provided bankrupt leadership to the people of Zimbabwe?” Mafume quizzed.

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