Mawande at it again


JOHANNESBURG — POPULAR Generations actress Nambitha “Mawande” Mpumlwana has been branded a prima donna for her behaviour at the Vodacom Durban July last week.

And it was the same-old story, similar to events last year that got Mawande fired from Generations.

Nambitha-“Mawande”-MpumlwanaThere is an allegation that the naughty Mawande was throwing tantrums at the July with her sponsor, the Gauteng Tourism Department.

Sunday Sun has reliably learnt that the actress turned down food and beverages provided by the agency. An independent source, whose trip was also sponsored by the Tourism Department, told the People’s Paper: “Mawande annoyed people by saying she wanted her own dish with her own menu and wines.

“She even refused to take pictures with her fans.”

An official added: “We wanted her to interact with people, but she said she didn’t want to interact with a crowd because they would be jumping on her and getting her clothes dirty.

“But her fellow actor Thato Molamu, who plays Nicholas, was very friendly with people and was even laughing at the demands made by Mawande.

“He posed for pictures with everyone,” said the source. A socialite who was at the racetrack said: “That woman is unbelievable. She’s not fit to live with people.”

Sunday Sun understands Mawande also caused drama when she wanted to drive into the racecourse with her own car.

She said that she didn’t want to use the same entrance as ordinary people because she was a VIP who should be allowed to drive in with her own car.

Another official who asked not be named said Mawande got one invitation, but she showed up at the event with her son and a bodyguard.

“A bodyguard — at a social event. I mean, she’s not the president! Does she need protection from enemies? Maybe her fans are now her enemies!” said the anonymous official.

He added: “Mawande insisted if we didn’t give her four tickets for our marquée she was going to leave and go to another one.” This is not the first time Mawande has given orders to her host.

Last year Sunday Sun reported that as Mawande on Generations, she was demanding her own wardrobe and lunch menu at the popular soapie.

And she didn’t want to change in the same dressing room used by fellow actors. Mawande asked the People’s Paper to send her questions. She later emailed us, saying our questions were vague.

— Sunday Sun