Edgars forges partnership with Eagle Insurance

EDGARS Stores Limited, the country’s leading clothing retail giant, has entered into a partnership with a Harare-based financial services firm – Eagle Insurance – to provide hospital payment plans known as the Edgars Hospital Cash plan to its customers, Southern Eye Business has established.


Edgars Stores marketing executive Rumbidzai Dzimba said the hospital payment deal was officially launched in April this year, targeting Edgars Stores account holders across its branch network of 28 stores.

She said the prevailing harsh economic environment called for institutions that were responsive, innovative and customer-focused, adding that through this realisation Edgars Stores and Eagle Insurance teamed up to offer the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan.

“Edgars is proud to unveil the first phase of partnership, through which we have partnered Eagle Insurance. The plan is set to benefit all Edgars account holders,” Dzimba said.

“This is an insurance product that guarantees the Edgars Club member of cash payout after a certain period of hospitalisation.”

She added that Edgars was reinforcing its position in the market as the leading clothing retail giant by offering value to customers through this programme.

Dzimba added: “We have invested in this programme at this opportune moment to guarantee our customers of the Edgars resolve to always appreciate them by giving value to the Edgars brand. We are more than just a clothing store, we understand life-style and most importantly we understand our customer’s lifestyle.”

The plan pays out $100 to adults and $50 to children for each day that they are hospitalised after 48 hours in hospital and a maximum payout per claim is $3 000 per event and $6 000 per year.

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