Vision keeps family alive

I have worked with several institutions, organisations and companies and one interesting feature about them all is their visions.

Governments have visions and so do their departments. Many church denominations all over the world have visions. Political parties across the globe have visions and so do sports clubs, money clubs and even terrorists movements like Boko Haram.

These people understand the power of vision and focus in all they do and I am convinced that it is their visions that have kept them alive and doing what they do.

All these visions are written and displayed for everyone to see and understand. Staff or workers engaged are also trained and inducted according to the vision and they must work towards achieving the vision.

This is all good and great. However, my disappointment comes when I realise that the biggest and most fundamental and foundational institution on earth, the family, has no vision.

Many families have no vision. They exist by fate and operate by chance. This, to me is the cause for the failure in the family system today.

A vision keeps you focused towards what you want to achieve.

It works as an inspiration and as a guide. Very few families are guided by vision and purpose in their daily activities.

Without vision it becomes too hard to lead the family. Where are you leading the family to when you have no vision?

Where are you taking the family to when you have no picture of what you want and where you are going to? When you do not have this mental or spiritual picture of the family you want and destiny, you are bound to settle for anything.

You are bound to arrive at anything and think it’s okay. Many of us have just embraced the current state in our families as destiny.

I think this is not right. You see, when there is no vision, you will give up quickly.

The situation in many families today can be improved if husbands and wives could sit down and envision. What kind of a family do you want to build? Have this in your hearts.

Write down the vision and induct the children. Family is team work. Father, mother and children are both involved in building a family. Vision gives you the common meeting place. Everyone works towards this as team.

Vision also helps the family in times of trouble and crisis. When you know what you want, it does not matter what the enemy does and throws at you.

All you do under attack is to focus on vision and victory would be much easier to accomplish when the spirit of vision takes over.

You might be giving up on your children, wife, husband or family, but, stop where you are for a moment and consider your vision. Do not quit, but fight for it. This is how success is built.

I see that people can fight for anything in the world, but their families and marriages. It’s so easy for people to give up on children and spouses, but hold onto organisations, companies and other things that do not matter much.

The family must lead by example. There is so much training on management of other institutions in the world, but very little on the running and management of the family. I think our priorities are upside down and this is largely the cause of instability in the current family.

You may want to consider the following:

  •   Have a vision for your family. Write it down and induct everyone and work towards achieving this,
  • Be a team in the family. Every team has strategy and goals to achieve,
  • Build the family you desire. Do not quit or give up. Do not settle for anything but that which you see in your dream. You can achieve the vision,
  • Let God build your family. Alone, even with a vision, you are bound to give up. With God you will turn around any situation and end with what you desired,
  • Protect your family. Fight for your family.

As I have said, vision gives us hope to keep the fight. Winners will always see the end now and do everything necessary to get there.

We need families that have purpose these days. Your vision will give you victory over every scheme of the enemy. Your vision will keep the family alive in the storms of life.

You can start today and craft a vision for your family too and see progress. You are never late.

 Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counselling consultant and author of Responding to Personal Crisis. You can call or whatsapp on +263 712 384 841 or +263 775 337 207.

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