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Bulawayo Show DVDs now on sale


PROMOTERS of the Bulawayo Show have put on sale DVDS of the movie which premiered on Friday night at a local cinema house amid pomp and ceremony.

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The premier of the movie at Bulawayo Centre attracted a full house with organisers of the event turning away some people as the venue could not accommodate all.

The Bulawayo Show is mainly comedy and social commentary, featuring local script writers and actors.

But it emerged yesterday episode 1 and DVDs of the movie plus a T-shirt were put on sale for $15 a price viewed by some critics as exorbitant.

Writing on social media yesterday after an announcement that the DVDs for the movie were now on sale, the critics warned producers of the “high” price, pointing out it would result in the proliferation of pirated DVDs.

“Fifteen bucks is too much, (sic)” wrote Perold Dube. “You guys consider this.

If one dealer with his laptop and CD duplicator gets hold of your DVD he can pirate them and people will buy from him for $1. Consider my opinion and reduce the price, flood the market with cheap, but original stuff guys.”

But a representative of the Bulawayo Show said the promoters were selling the DVDs with T-shirts to curb piracy.

“The DVDs will be pirated. At least we can make revenue from the T-shirts,” the official said.

The next show is slated for September 5. Admire Kudita, a respected music and arts critic and columnist for Southern Eye Lifestyle said of the movie: “What makes the Bulawayo Show potent is the collaborative dimension in its production.

With this show, Bulawayo is set to cement its position as a cultural hub.

Better still, with the kind of numbers the trailer is generating, the producers may just be able to monetise the production by delivering audiences to savvy marketers looking to piggy bank on a viral popular culture phenomena.”

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