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Suicide is self-murder


OVER the past 24 months or so there has been a sad increase in the cases of suicide.

The sad thing about it is that it is committed by both church people and non-church members. There are so many reasons that can be given for suicide and I know that many of us accept suicide as another way of solving problems.

Today I just want to present a different side of suicide with an aim of helping people understand the lie and deception in it.

Suicide is not a problem solving strategy. It is a deception and it just ushers one into perpetual trouble. The reason is that suicide is self-murder and nothing else. Murder is taking a human being’s life.

Someone committing suicide is taking their own life and in the process committing murder against themselves. No one has a right to kill anyone or self. Murder does not solve any problems instead it creates more problems.

I know that as human beings we think that anyone who dies has rested. I think we must understand that life does not end in death.

Dead people transition into two different realms where they will spend eternity. There is Heaven and there is Hell, otherwise referred to as the Lake of Fire.

According to Revelations 21: 8, “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

Beloved, there is no resting in burning. We need to help each other as people by telling the truth concerning life so people can make informed choices. Self-murder, psychologically referred to as suicide is murder and with same consequences as other sinful actions shown above. It does not matter the reasons for this action, it is simply wrong.

We need to educate the community about the spiritual meaning of suicide in the same effort we do other social vices like domestic violence, rape and even homosexuality. We cannot just remain silent when the devil deceives people and destroys them in this manner.

There are number of reasons why people can commit suicide these days. Let me just highlight a few and suggest ways of getting over it.

Many young people commit suicide under pressure of demands by society. Society places so much demand on people in terms of achievement and many feel inadequate and then take their lives. Fear of failure by many people leads them also to committing suicide. Failure is not a problem but a part of life.

What matters is how you respond to that failure. Successful people fail many times in life. So do not be afraid of failure.

The attitude to please other people can lead to suicide when one feels like they are unable to.

Many become so much desperate to please and end up doing all sorts of foolish things and lose steam in the middle and then kill themselves. Live life according to your abilities.

Stop being a copycat and be really. Life is not a competition; instead it is about complementing others. Many young people or even elderly people are competing and even in wrong things and end up opening themselves to demonic attacks. Be yourself.

Pride leads to suicide at times. Many people are too proud and when they are confronted with the realities of their pride they could lose it. Remember pride is the heart of the devil and it is easy for him to deceive you at that realm. Deliver yourself from pride and face up life soberly.

If you make mistakes accept that and repent. The inability to accept wrong and reconcile with others and God and self can be destructive.

Fear of the unknown. Many people can kill themselves out of fear of the future.

Some are afraid of ageing and decide to die. Some realise late they have wasted time doing nothing for their elderly life and then get so scared and commit suicide.

Have faith. Look at life positively. Plan your life and build a sound relationship with God. He will take you through.

The feeling of inferiority. Some people might be feeling inferior due to the amount and level of criticism going on around them and end up taking their lives. Beloved, life is about helping one another.

No human being is useless and as worthless as you think. A human being is the most expensive creation in the whole earth. They are worthy nothing but the blood of Jesus, so stop criticising and rubbishing them to the point of death.

Seeking attention. Young people in particular can commit suicide seeking attention. This is a misplaced attitude.

There is no meaningful attention when you are dead. There are more productive and better ways of seeking attention rather than destroying yourself. Again, beloved, let us pay attention to one another’s needs. It’s a love issue.

Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Ignorance of the implications of suicide can also be a contributing factor.

There is a lot of misinformation on this and society has not taught the truth about it. People think it’s a shortcut to solving issues or fixing others.

You are fixing yourself and condemning yourself to eternal rejection. It must not be so.

Please wherever you are, do not take your life.

Seek help urgently for suicide is self-murder. Do not be deceived.

Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counseling consultant and author of Responding to Persoanal Crisis. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207 or 712 384 841. 0779 617 926

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