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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL – at least this is what the Creator had intended and still desires of us all. However, this beautiful life has been afflicted so much it has become a pain and prison for many people in the world.

Tribulations will always come to us in this life as Jesus said it in John 16.

There are, however ,two kinds of these. There are the external challenges and internal challenges. My interest today is on the inner tribulations.

There are tribulations affecting us from the outside world. They affect everyone, though differently and we have no control over them as individuals.

But there are tribulations inside each of us and these are the most dangerous and yet each person has control over them.

These are things that emanate from our hearts and mind even if they might be influenced by externals. Everything taking place in your heart or mind you can control and you alone knows it. Our biggest enemy is what is happening inside us.

What other people say and think and do to you cannot compare to what you say, think and do to yourself.

In this life, external forces can cause you to stumble temporarily but your internal circumstances can cause you fail eternally.

You are the only one who can release yourself from your internal snares. Let us discuss a few today.

Release yourself from anger and bitterness.
Many people I see, meet and talk to are angry and bitter about others and things done to them.

You cannot enjoy life being angry and bitter every minute of it. Anger and bitterness are killers of joy, unity and progress in life. Twenty years later, you are still angry at your spouse for whatever they did.

This is a snare. You are still bitter about so and so because they treated you unfairly.

You are angry at every man because one or two men disappointed you.

When shall you enjoy your marriage? When shall you enjoy your life? Remember that life is not a rehearsal. Every day you are actually living the life you choose to live.

Beloved, anger and bitterness are destructive to you who nurse them in your heart. They snare you and steal your life, relationships, joy and peace.

They afflict your health also with such things as HBP, Stress, Depression and many more.

Only you can decide to let go and enjoy your life. Your anger does not change the person or situation. It affects you. You can release yourself from this burden and move on.

Release yourself from offence.
These days the opportunity to be offended is everywhere. I mean it is so easy to be offended or offend than not. You cannot afford to let yourself offended at every corner.

This will be dangerous to your health. And yet there are so many of us who are carrying offence everywhere. Everyone offends you. Every roadblock offends you.

Everything offends you. Your spouse offends you. Someone’s dressing offends you. Your church or pastor or church people offend you.

I mean what kind of life is this one?.

To deal with this offended spirit in you, why not look carefully at your attitude towards yourself first. You are probably having a proud spirit and pride is a destroyer.

Release yourself by accepting others and reaching out to others. Make friends and live again. Why are you punishing yourself in this manner?

Release yourself from being negative.
Many people see nothing around them but impossibilities. They are so negative about everything. To them nothing is right. Everything and everyone is wrong. They criticise anything.

They do not go along with anything. To make matters worse such people do not suggest an alternative. When you do not see value in anyone or anything, I think you are on a highway to destruction.

Remember that you get what you pursue or seek after and you pursue what you see.

How can you live life seeing nothing and expect to get something? Let me take this further.

You are negative about everything in this life.

You are negative about yourself and your own people.

You do not believe in yourself, spouse or your life.

You are rubbishing yourself, your labour and everything. This kind of an attitude has brought you a lot of misery.You see, every one of us has inherent power to control things inside us. The things in our hearts determine the kind of life we will live here on earth.

That is why the Bible encourages us to “guard your heart for in it are issues of life”.

To release yourself, stop looking at external pressures for a while and look into your heart. That is where the biggest enemy lies. The witch is not next door but in the heart inside you.

You can really let go and live again.

Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counseling consultant and author of Responding to Personal Crisis. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207/ 712 384 841.

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