Axed Generations star collapses


JOHANNESBURG — Menzi Ngubane better known as Sibusiso Dlomo to Generations fans has hit a low as his marriage falls apart.

According to Drum magazine, Dlomo admitted that for the past five years he has been leading a false life.

On the outside he appeared to have it all — a beautiful family and great role on South Africa’s number one soapie—but in reality it was all a lie.

Ngubane told the weekly that he was going through a divorce to Lerato Sedibe. The pair were raising Sedibe’s daughter together and were once happily in love.

However, Ngubane was undergoing a process of separation from the one time love of his life.

Ngubane is jobless at the moment, he was one of the 16 principal cast members sacked from Generations three weeks ago.

During a press conference, Generations creator and executive producer Mfundi Vundla spoke of an actor whom he had assisted by paying medical fees.

This turned out to be Ngubane as he confirmed at a press briefing held by the axed actors about two weeks ago.

He told the media the producers of Generations were unsympathetic to his illness as days after being discharged from hospital for a kidney disease, he was expected to work thereafter.

Cosatu has called on a boycott of the popular soapie starting September 15.