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Bob Nyabinde to rock Archers


ARCHERS Sports Club will tonight host Bob Nyabinde in a free show for patrons of the leisure spot.


Also known as The Headmaster, Nyabinde will perform courtesy of Archers management who said they would be offering their “ever important” patrons an early Christmas present.

“We want to give back to the people who have been supporting us through thick and thin, that’s why there will be no charge for this show,” club owner Omega Sibanda said.

“Christmas is a time of giving and love, but we want to start the tradition now and show that we care for our customers throughout the year. That’s why we are calling it an early Christmas present,” he added.

Nyabinde, among the most venerated musicians in the country, hit the spotlight in 2002 after releasing first album, Panenyaya, featuring the famous song, Chabuda Hapana.

When he sang that album he was still a primary school headmaster at a Kwekwe School before hanging his tie to become a fulltime musician.

Equally good with the guitar, Nyabinde has a collection of albums including Ndiratidze and Terera which have such enjoyable pieces as Mhanya Mbiri.

Nyabinde will no doubt set a beautiful evening for the Afro-jazz lovers who enjoy his deep, lyrical and sometimes satirical music in tracks, tonight.

“I want to invite everyone including yourselves to this night of classic entertainment,” Sibanda added.

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