Live updates: Grace Mugabe in Gwanda

Grace Mugabe on Monday afternoon takes her campaign to Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda, Matebeleland South.

Southern Eye News Editor Nqaba Matshazi is on the ground, providing updates of the event.

15:55 Grace ends her speech, she thanks everyone for attending

14:52 Please don’t fight over the seed donation, let us be orderly – Grace Mugabe

14:50 Grace now moves to the Presidential Input scheme, she says 10 tonnes of seed will arrive in Matabeleland South tomorrow

14:48 Grace says Mugabe does not have property or money outside the country, so even if the West had to freeze their assets there is nothing to freeze. Mugabe is the least paid President on this earth, Grace claims.

14:45 “I know God will stand with Mugabe, even in the face of people who are selling out the country.”

14:44 Grace says some party members are telling investors to stay put until Mugabe goes, she says these people are being bribed.

14:43 Grace suggests Mugabe should appoint a Vice President that works with him, not one who does nothing.

14:42 All the factionalism you hear about is all about regime change, but using members of our party (Zanu PF).

14:40 Grace now takes on MDC, she says the party will use all the letters of the alphabet because of factionalism from MDC-A to MDC-Z.

14:37 “You mustn’t think because you have a post you are there forever, you must work for it.” Grace.

14:35 “Some think because if you are Vice President you just stay there and do nothing while Mugabe works for you. We want a Vice President who helps the President not just one who piggy backs on Mugabe’s back.”

14:33 Grace tells party members to stop leaking party issues to newspapers

14:30 Grace Mugabe says women should refuse to be used in factional battles

14:28 Education without humanity is useless, even if you educated, you need to be humane and don’t lead children astray.

14:26 Grace is now addressing equal rights, says men and women were created to be equal.

14:20 Mugabe has a gift of life from God, he is still in charge – Grace

14:10 Grace Mugabe says she has suffered in the past, but she’s not worried about being barred from going to Britain and Europe.

13:03 Grace addresses land ownership and reports that some beneficiaries are now selling the land back to whites.

13: 01 Grace now talks of child abuse and violence. She says this is a problem in developing countries

12:59 Grace accuses people in the party of abusing Zanu PF’s fit all economic policy, ZimAsset

12:53 Grace is now addressing factionalism, saying energies spent on factionalism should be used on upgrading the status on women… strangely she encourages gold panning. That has wrecked havoc in Mat South

13:50 Grace says Mat South men are leaving the country for SA and this destroys the family unit. “There are many single-parent households in this community”.

13:43 Grace says some people didn’t know or recognise her, so now she is addressing rallies on her own

13:41 She praises Mat South for voting for Zanu PF to ululations from the crowd

13:41 Grace Mugabe starts her rally with “Phansi ngoTsvangirai” she resorts to Shona for the beginning of her speech

13:37 It’s now Grace Mugabe’s turn on the podium.

13:34 Now its Oppah Muchinguri’s turn on the podium, she follows Simon Khaya Moyo, who didn’t have kind words for MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai

13:29 Olivia Muchena now addressing the crowd, she will invite women’s league boss, Oppa Muchinguri to invite Grace Mugabe… you know how protocol goes

13:17 Alice Dube urges Grace to work on reviving the West Nicholson beef factory and to promote cervical cancer awareness

13:15 Alice Dube running out of accolades, describes Grace as a good mother, as she congratulates her on her daughter, Bona Mugabe’s wedding

13:14 Abednico Ncube praises Grace on the attainment of her PhD, while Alice Dube says all women in the province are behind Grace

12:49 Getting a bit interesting here, the Harare provincial youth chairperson says “Pasi ne gamatox”.

12:46 Events have gathered pace, now Abigail Damasane is addressing the crowd, introducing delegates

12:45 Grace has now arrived at the rally and chairman Andrew Langa is addressing. Langa assures Grace that Mat South is fully behind her and her husband, President Robert Mugabe at the December congress

12:43 Minister Langa gives assurance that Mat South will be behind Grace Mugabe and Robert Mugabe come the December Congress.

12:42 Abigail Damasane, Director of Ceremony introduces Zanu Pf provincial chairpersons.

12:11 Reports indicate that trucks dispatched to ferry supporters are still on their way delaying Grace Mugabe’s entrance into the stadium. Grace was scheduled to to sdress the crowd at 10 am.

11:54 A woman collapses as the heat intensifies amid revelations that most of the people who were on the buses from the seven districts at dawn have not had anything to drink.

11:50 Ministers SK Moy, Kembo Mohadi and Obert Mpofu arrive.

11:48 Confusion as Zanu Pf youths cause disorder as they march to the podium before being ordered to retreat by youth leader.


11:00 Scores of Zanu PF supporters trickle into Phelandaba Stadium, with some senior officials that include Information minister Jonathan Moyo, Environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere Phillip Chiyangwa and Patrick Zhuwawo already in.


The Police band continues to entertain the crowd while awaiting Grace who is currently being briefed.

Some of the supporters eat while they wait for the arrival of Grace Mugabe

Some of the supporters eat while they wait for the arrival of Grace Mugabe

A brief about Gwanda
Located approximately 122 kilometres southeast of Bulawayo, Gwanda is the capital of the province of Matabeleland South.

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