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The SA soapie saga that just won’t end


JOHANNESBURG — Mfundi Vundla’s production house is unwilling to settle with the axed Generations cast.

This was the outcome of the first day of hearings at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) yesterday.

The actors, as the Generations Actors Guild (GAG), took their matter to the CCMA after Vundla fired them and refused to take them back even after they agreed to negotiations.

The actors went on strike in August over contracts, better pay, royalties and better working conditions.

Vundla’s production house MMSV and the SABC gave the striking cast members — 16 principal actors on the soapie — an ultimatum to return to work or get fired.

On Tuesday, the actors’ appeal against their dismissal was heard. Since the other parties were unwilling to settle, the matter will go to arbitration.

Desmond Brown, representing the Generations actors, said and the SABC had been unwilling to reinstate the actors “or to make any form of compromise in terms of compensation”.

The two parties were not willing to review the relationship between the actors and the show.

The cast expressed relief that the process had begun.

“We look forward to putting our case before the CCMA and commencing on achieving a legal remedy to our unilateral dismissal.

“We are also going to put in a civil case for a transparent calculation of the commercial exploitation fees owed to us for use of the episodes and our images.”


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