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Zanu PF fights retrogressive


FIRST LADY Grace Mugabe was at it again yesterday tearing into Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

President Mugabe’s wife last week made very serious allegations against Mujuru describing her as corrupt, divisive and a gossiper.

During her whirlwind tour of the country’s provinces, she had avoided mentioning Mujuru by name, preferring to call her a factional leader. However, yesterday she went for the jugular after summoning war veterans to her orphanage in Mazowe, virtually declaring a vacancy in the vice-presidency.

It is now clear the relationship between Mugabe and his lieutenant has irretrievably broken down. If that is not the case, then Mugabe is abdicating his responsibilities as head of State and government to his wife because the pronouncements she has been making should not be coming from an unelected person.

Mugabe has remained silent for too long concerning his wife’s rants and this has become an issue of serious concern. It has become apparent that the government is in a state of paralysis because of the factional fighting that has reached fever pitch.

A coterie of government ministers clearly aligned to a certain Zanu PF faction have been following Grace’s sideshows, abandoning the work that Mugabe appointed them to do. The ministers have been to all the provinces and yesterday’s charade in Mazowe was probably meant to cap it all.

Mugabe should, as a matter of urgency, show who is in charge. He needs to come clean on Mujuru’s status in government. The clarity is needed for the sake of the economy, which has been bleeding ever since the Zanu PF factional fights escalated around August with Grace’s elevation.

Zanu PF has completely forgotten about its much-touted ZimAsset agenda as its leaders fight for positions ahead of the December congress. After the congress, Mugabe will go on his annual leave. The economy will be on the back burner until he returns in February.

Zanu PF needs to rise above the politics of pettiness to save the economy, but this can only happen if Mugabe shows leadership.

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