State-of-the-art car wash boon for motorists

AS the car washing industry continues to blossom in Bulawayo, a new company has opened the country’s first state-of-art drive through car wash along Robert Mugabe Way and 15th Avenue.


Tunnel Car Wash offers a rapid car wash that makes it easy for travellers in a hurry that want to clean the outside of the car only as the equipment is capable of cleaning externally in two minutes.

According to Tunnel Car Wash’s operations manager Martha Nyathi, the equipment has proved to be efficient in cleaning cars rapidly leaving them exceptionally shiny.

“We have tried and tested the machinery and without any doubt it is amazing,” Nyathi said.

“It cleans the vehicle from wheels to rooftop in less than two minutes leaving the car glowing.”

Tunnel Car Wash

Tunnel Car Wash

The machinery has about four categories in the cleaning process which include the watering pipe and wheel wipers; roof wipers, side wipers that clean sides of the vehicle and windscreen, and then the dryer which exceptionally wipes every water drop on the vehicle.

“The aim of the company is to provide car owners with fast means of cleaning up their cars,” she said.

“Our motto is: Why wait two hours when you can clean your car in two minutes.”

Prices range from $10 for light vehicles to $12 for trucks and double cabs.

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