Zanu PF MP expelled

KWEKWE Central MP Masango Matambanadzo is set to lose his parliamentary seat soon after the party’s ongoing congress following a resolution by the Midlands provincial executive to recall him.


Zanu PF central committee member Douglas Tapfuma said the provincial council would begin proceedings to expel Matambanadzo from the party and recall him from Parliament soon after congress on accusations of being a nuisance.

“The province has been concerned by the behaviour of Matambanadzo who has been involved in various violent confrontations with senior members of the party and even the mayor of Kwekwe,” he said.

“He has caused serious embarrassment to Zanu PF and we have just had enough.”

Matambanadzo is accused of beating up Gokwe Kana MP Owen Ncube, who is also the provincial secretary for security.

The matter is still pending before the courts.

Tapfuma accused the beleaguered MP of snubbing party meetings and rallies held in the province to work on his own.

“We don’t know if he is still a party member because he is not working with us,” he continued.

“He has never visited the Kwekwe party office since he was elected and he is running a dubious $1-a-day programme with vendors, which we have distanced ourselves from as a party.”

Tapfuma said after congress, the provincial executive would forward its recommendations to the national disciplinary committee, which has the power to expel Matambanadzo from the party and recall him from Parliament.

“We do not have the power to expel him from the party, but we can only recommend that he should be expelled and once that happens he will be recalled,” he said.

Matambanadzo is on record saying he was being targeted by people in Zanu PF who hated him for his sharp brains, which make him the darling of the poor.

“I might be a Grade 2 dropout, but I have a sharp brain, which has seen me helping people and that is the reason why some people from my own party hate me and are doing everything to pull me down,” Matambanadzo said addressing flea market traders.

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